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There is no truth to the news of Sony’s acquisition of CD Projekt Red


Rumors of Sony’s acquisition of the CD Projekt Red studio re-emerged a few days ago, based on the statements of the leaked Liz, who specializes in Destiny game news, who said via Discord that Sony plans to acquire the CDPR studio, developer of The Witcher, and that Days Gone 2 is currently under development. .

With regard to the first part of the rumor, it was denied by Ola Sondej from CD Projekt Red, who denied the existence of such conversations with Sony, to deny the authenticity of the acquisition news that spread like wildfire during the past hours.

Regarding the second part of the rumor, we can guess that the Days Gone 2 rumors are also incorrect, as the Bend team is working on a new project at the moment and it is unlikely that a different team will be responsible for developing the game.

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