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There is currently no way to finish Star Wars: KOTOR II on the Switch

Plenty of games have been launched in an unfinished state, but it’s rare to see a port of a game first released in 2004 so flawed that people who buy it can’t actually finish it. On Twitter, game developer Aspyr admitted that it was aware that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was currently impossible to complete when played on the Switch.

Aspyr’s bread and butter brings beloved games, so you’d think it would know better than to wreck something like that. KOTOR II launched on the Nintendo Switch on June 8, 2022, and when fans picked it up and started playing, they noticed a bug made it impossible to get past a cutscene mid-game.

As first seen by Kotakua fan replied on Aspyr’s official Twitter account asking if the company knew the game was unbeatable in its current form, and Aspyr promptly replied that he knew the game was broken and was working on a solution

Considering the original KOTOR II was buggy when it arrived on the Xbox and when the PC was over 17 years ago it’s not much of a surprise that this port is buggy too. But it’s quite a beginner’s mistake to send a port so that players with mistakes can’t even finish the game. And while it’s nice to know that a fix is ​​on the way, there’s no real timeline as to when that will be.

If you recorded KOTOR II recently on the switch i would suggest slowing down waaaaay. you don’t want to reach the point where you land on Onderon† You’re stuck there for a while.

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