There is a new bubble emoji that will go great with the peach

If I were an emoji sommelier, there’s one combination I’d definitely recommend after checking out this year’s 37-strong roster completed emoji. And that is a combination of the new “bubbles’emoji with the existing ‘peach’. The former emoji has just been finalized with version 14.0 of the Unicode Standard, but the collection has been public since earlier this year.

The reason is simple. Peach has long done double duty as the internationally recognized symbol for the human butt, turning “butt bubbles” into an elegant euphemism for farts. Of course, you can tell a similar visual story for a long time by combining the peach with the gust emoji (which I see now is called technically “to run away“). But now you have more options. As if you wanted to symbolize the act of ejecting gas into a bath or swimming pool, you monster.

The new emoji.
Image: Emojipedia

The list, which is nicely summarized by Emojipedia, also includes new faces such as ‘biting lip’ and ‘greeting face’. Unfortunately for English folks looking to ward off bad luck, there’s no magpie emoji to pair the latter with yet. New hand gestures include a pair of hands creating the shape of a heart, and a hand pointing at the screen. As part of this release, handshakes between hands of different skin tones are now officially supported.

Finally, there are also new pregnancy gender options, including “pregnant person” and “pregnant man” emoji. A new “person with crown” joins the existing “prince” and “princess” emoji.

Now that the list of emoji is complete, it’s up to the big platform holders to add the designs into their software, which for most will likely happen between January and August next year, according to Emojipedia. If you want to learn more about how emoji are made, The edgeJay Peters was involved in the creation of this year’s emoji ‘bubbles’ and ‘saluting face’ and previously submitted proposals for ‘yawn face’ and ‘waffle’. You can read all about the process he went through here.