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The Xbox One will soon have the option of ejecting disks with a controller

If you are still using disks in your Xbox One, you may be happy to hear that the console will soon be able to eject them from your controller (via VG247). According to the screenshot above, shared by an Xbox Insider tester that is on the Xbox One subreddit, ejecting disks from the drive is bound to the “X” button.

It’s great to laugh at a console that has patched such an elemental function so late in its life. But trivial, because this feature update might seem (you have to get the drive out of the console anyway), some people are especially happy that it is coming.

That’s because buttons for ejecting disks on consoles – especially those found on the original Xbox One units, according to commentators – can be tricky. And if yours breaks, The official hack from Microsoft To remove a disk, you must place a paper clip in your console. But once the eject function is sent, the hardware button is bypassed, so you can turn off disks with a controller input, even if your button is not working properly.

As the original author of the message says, this feature also allows those using the Adaptive Controller from Microsoft to easily eject a disc. Microsoft has not shared when this feature becomes available to all users, but based on the pace at which features are pushed to the main software version in beta, it can take a few weeks to a few months.

Whether you are going to use this feature, it is encouraging that Microsoft is still resolving such errors. And hopefully when the Xbox Series X is launched later this year, it is a feature that will be available on the launch day.