The Woodbine Racetrack

The Woodbine Racetrack opened its doors for Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses on June 12, 1956. The initial name was New Woodbine Racetrack, but the organization decided to drop the ‘New’ in 1963. The cost to build it was $121 million based on today’s inflation ($13 million in 1956). The racetrack is located in Toronto, Canada and hosts Canada’s most famous race – The Queen’s Plate. This year’s winner at the Queen’s Plate was One Bad Boy. Flavien Prat was the jockey that rode One Bad Boy. 

Throughout the years, the racetrack has undergone many renovations and it is home to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Woodbine Racetrack was also the host for the Breeders’ Cup 1996 and it held the opening venue for the 1976 Summer Paralympics. 

The racetrack is described by many as one of the best sports venues in Canada. Since it follows the modern technology, the track started using the GPS-system in 2018 and it hosts numerous races that occur throughout the year. Let’s have an inside look at the racetrack, its races, and much more.


As any horse racing event, every race at the Woodbine Racetrack is popular with bets. The Queen’s Plate is the most popular race for betting. The racetrack itself has a casino on-site with numerous casino games in store. But if you are not willing to wait in line, online bookies are also offering excellent odds for the races. 

Although no info has been released as far the next Queen’s Plate, Desert Ride, Moon Swings, and Krachenwagen are between the favorites. Pay For Peace and One Bad Boy are also in the top 5 list. Check out this Woodbine betting odds link for all information connected to the racetrack and the best online bookies from which you can wager.

Betting on horse races vary from country to country. In North America, the most common bets are to win, to place, and to show. Betting to win is a bet on a certain horse to finish in the first place. When betting on place, you are wagering on a horse to either finish first or second. And finally, betting to show means that the horse will finish in the first three spots. The prizes are best when betting to win, and lowest when betting on place.

Notable Races

Queen’s Plate is the most popular race that takes place on the Woodbine Racetrack. It is a Thoroughbred race for 3-year-old Canadian-bred horses and has a prize purse of $1 million. The Queen’s Plate has been founded in 1860. Queen Elizabeth II is the patron of this event, and she has attended the Queen’s Plate Race numerous times, with the most recent visit in 2010. This is no wonder, considering the fact that she has love for horse racing

The Canadian International Stakes also takes place at Woodbine. It is a Grade I race for 3-year-old Thoroughbred horses with a prize purse of $800,000. This race is held annually in October. 

Breeders’ Stakes was inaugurated in 1889 and it is the third race in the Canadian Triple Crown for three-year-olds. The Woodbine Mile is a Grade I race for Thoroughbreds older than 3 years. These two races have prize purses of $500,000 and $800,000 respectively. 

Apart from the aforementioned races, the Woodbine Racetrack also hosts E.P Taylor Stakes, Nearctic Stakes and Northern Dancer Turf Stakes.


The racetrack is owned by the Woodbine Entertainment Group, also known as the Ontario Jockey Club.  The Woodbine Group has two racetracks (one of which is the Woodbine Racetrack) in its possession, on-site betting stations and a casino.