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The “withdrawal of a child” of an immigrant from his family in Germany is causing a sensation, and the authorities are commenting


According to social media pioneers, the police “withdrew” the child from a Muslim immigrant family after “his school reported that the family was teaching the child that transgender and gay people are unacceptable in Islam.”

A video clip showing the removal of a migrant child from his family by the German police in the northern city of Bremerhaven caused a sensation during the last hours on social media, and brought to the fore the issue of “withdrawal of children from their parents in Europe.”

The video documents the moments when the policemen and a group of agents affiliated with the Child Protection Agency entered the house of his parents, and forcibly dragged the child despite his attempts to evade them and his screams and cries.

In the clip, members of the child’s family appear trying to convince the policemen to leave the child, before telling them that he suffers from health problems and that he needs his family, but no one heeded their calls.

According to the pioneers of social networking sites, the police withdrew the child from a Muslim immigrant family after “his school reported that the family was teaching the child that transgender and gay people are unacceptable in the religion of Islam.”

A police officer went to the child’s family, confirming that they are implementing a decision issued by the court and the Youth Welfare Office known as “Jugend Amt”.

After the video was widely circulated, the German authorities and police were harshly criticized, who were later forced to issue a statement clarifying the truth of what happened.

Police statement

Bremerhaven police stated that the reasons circulated about the reasons for withdrawing the child are inaccurate, without providing any additional information. And she confirmed that “false allegations accompanied the circulating video.”

“The clip shows a small part of a court-ordered procedure for the transfer of two children to foster care,” the police said in a statement issued on Saturday. She explained that such steps are always “the last resort, and such decisions are taken only for serious reasons.”

In its statement, the German police confirmed that it “could not provide further explanations regarding this decision,” calling for the dissemination of misleading news.

The video, which went viral hysterically, received wide Arab support. Under the hashtags “Stop Kidnapping Our Children” and “Save Muslims in Germany”, reactions denounced the European countries’ withdrawal of children from their families.

Commenting on the circulating video, Safa Barakat wrote on Twitter, “This is the democracy that the West praises! Anyone has the right to insult Muslims or our noble Messenger under the pretext of freedom of expression, but to criticize the issue of perversion and perversion is a red line!” A school in Germany, the social, that the family teaches its children that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.

And Ahmed Ali said, “For such a thing, we must be angry for such a thing. In the past, armies moved for such a thing. They used to open countries for such a thing and less. They used to destroy castles and cities and break kings. There is no power nor power except with God, the Most High, the Great. # Save_Muslims_in_Germany.”

In turn, Muhammad Ali said that “Muslims in Germany are being forced to leave their religion in a campaign to eliminate Islam.”

On the other hand, journalist Adel Marzouk criticized the accusations leveled at European countries of stealing Muslim children, and tweeted on Twitter, saying: “Nonsense about stealing Muslim children in Europe… In Germany, Sweden, Britain, or any European country, the authorities do not steal children.” Muslims from their families. This is an outright lie and fabrication.. There are clear laws and the state does not go to intervene except after extensive study by the school and local authorities and their confirmation.”

The number of migrant children placed in the care homes of Germany’s Youth Welfare Office has risen over the past two years, according to local reports.

And many European countries have passed laws (the Youth Welfare Law) that allow social workers to forcibly remove children from their parents, without the need to obtain prior permission from the court.

Some organizations consider such decisions to be “a flagrant violation of the family’s rights to raise their children.”

Merry C. Vega is a highly respected and accomplished news author. She began her career as a journalist, covering local news for a small-town newspaper. She quickly gained a reputation for her thorough reporting and ability to uncover the truth.

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