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The Witcher: There is a first teaser for season 3 and yes, Henry Cavill is still Geralt – WhatsNew2Day


“Hm.” Image Source: Netflix

For Season 3 of The Witcher, Henry Cavill draws his silver blade for the last time. After that, Netflix and the actor will part ways, and Liam Hemsworth will don the armor of the grumpy witcher. That’s still a long way off at the moment, the third season has to be released first.

Season 3 still(!) with Henry Cavill

The Witcher: Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in Summer 2023 – There is no concrete release date at the moment. But a first teaser poster that (most likely) prepares for today’s trailer reveal. At least that’s what the official Twitter account behind the TV series hinted at quite clearly yesterday.

The first official poster for The Witcher season 3 features Geralt (Henry Cavill), Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and Ciri (Freya Allan) in a heartfelt embrace. We will probably find out more about the plot and the release of the new episodes today, as soon as Netflix actually delivers a real trailer.

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The enthusiasm is limited

How is the mood in the community? To put it mildly: mixed. In the comments on Twitter many Witcher fans are rather critical and continue to complain that Henry Cavill is leaving the TV series. When it was announced that Liam Hemsworth would become the white wolf from season 4, Netflix received a small shitstorm.

The fact that Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher, although it was originally a heart project for the actor, is said to have been in the making over the years. As a big fan of the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and the games by CD Projekt Red, Cavill has allegedly always advocated a faithful implementation of the originals and has thus regularly come into conflict with the screenwriters and showrunners.

In October 2022, it was announced that Henry Cavill was leaving The Witcher and would be replaced by Liam Hemsworth from Season 4 of the Netflix series. This development is also a small catastrophe for GameStar readers. You can read more about this at the following links:

What are your hopes and expectations for Season 3 of The Witcher and the future of the series in general? With Henry Cavill’s departure, will you also turn your back on Netflix production or will you continue to watch? What have you liked or disliked about the TV series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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