The Weird History of Platform Shoes

Notably, the history of platform shoes dates back to 220 B.C. During those times, platform shoes have a base made up of cork that measures to wear platform footwear during the 1400s. Some of the shoes were given a base height of 30 inches. Consequently, even women with petite body structure started to wear the footwear. Then in 1700, Chinese stage actors started to wear long platform boots that have decorative carvings on them.


In 1930, footwear designers introduced cork sandals to youngsters and fashion enthusiasts. Those sandals had rainbow-colored heal, which is still manufactured by many shoe companies. The disco era of the 1970s made both men and women wear these shoes and groove on the dance floor. Back in 1900, ramp models started to wear platform shoes that had a height of around 9 inches. Eventually, even gym-goers started to wear them during training sessions. During 2010, people once again started to wear platform sandals to work and during casual outings. For these reasons, footwear companies started to manufacture platform shoes with different design ideas.


How are the platform shoes of today better?


Better grip

The ancient platform shoes were pretty unsafe to walk on slopes as they do not have enough friction. On the other hand, the designers of today use sophisticated software to make platform footwear more proficient.


Undergo testing

Designers of today use sophisticated software to measure the overall performance of platform shoes. With that said, high-tech machines are used for the production of platform footwear. Therefore, they do not damage easily, even after rough use.


Wide range of options

Notably, you can find a plethora of platform footwear over the net. Footwear designers are focusing more on the manufacturing of platform shoes. Some of the shoes that you can get over the net are listed below.


Multicolored boots

These platform boots are best for disco and dance parties. Along with 4.5 inches of heel, you will get a perfect grip. Thus, you can perform every killer dance move without a fear of falling. One of the best features of multicolored boots is that you can wear them with any dress.


Glowing boots

These boots have a neon layer on the outside that shines in the dark. You can wear them to a festive party or even during casual camping with friends. For sure, these platform boots will make you a topic of conversation among your friends.



High heel boots

High heel boots are made up of faux leather. Thereby no animals were harmed during their production. For added attraction, they have lace and buckle. Henceforth, you will get more attention, and the footwear will compliment your dress.


Thigh-high boots

For those of you who are rave party enthusiasts, this footwear is the best choice. You can wear thigh-high boots with bottom shorts, jeans, leggings, or miniskirts. These boots cover your shin, offering you an elegant yet intriguing look.



To summarize, the platform shoes were in existence since 220 B.C. Initially, these boots were solely worn by stage artists of Europe and China. Then they were worn by noblemen and young women of France and Italy. Eventually, through the course of history, platform shoes kept on evolving due to pioneer craftsmen. Platform shoes are adored by people of every age group. Most importantly, teenagers and the younger generation are passionate about them. At present, you can buy from wide shapes of platform shoes. Moreover, platform footwear has a thick rubber or faux leather sole. Thus, you will get an exceptional grip even on a dance floor or while indulging in brisk activities.