The victim of Michael Guider starts with the shocking abuse that she has suffered through his hands


By Stephen Gibbs for Daily Mail Australia

Michael Guider has not revealed where Samantha Knight is buried, continues to pose a risk to children and has never expressed regret.

Those who campaign to keep the pedophile behind bars also believe that he has not served enough time for his earlier crimes against girls and boys, some of whom have never come forward.

The man who knows Guider best – his brother Tim – desperately tried to keep him locked up.

& # 39; This is not a normal person, & # 39; said Mr. Guider. & # 39; He is a monster and he is a danger and the community does not want him outside. & # 39;

For 16 years, Guider served for child crimes against more than a dozen victims when he committed the manslaughter of Samantha.


Lisa Giles, who was abused by Guider, begged him to be detained when she read a statement last month about the victim's impact in the Supreme Court.

& # 39; We are not physically safe when released – our children are not safe and our minds are not safe, & # 39; said Mrs. Giles to the court.

& # 39; This is not a man who fades and wanders around in the garden. & # 39;

& # 39; His tentacles have such a treacherous reach. He is not a one-trick pony and he is not ready yet. & # 39;

After three decades, Mrs. Giles had waived her right to anonymity to speak out for the first time in an attempt to halt the release of her abuser.

& # 39; Michael trusts that we all assume that what happened, and he is probably smug about his success in avoiding the accusation of further crimes, & # 39; she said.

& # 39; And there are many of us. More of us than those who came forward to make statements, and even more who could not use their experiences to put him in prison.


& # 39; You may have been led to believe that what you have experienced & # 39; is not that bad & that there is some sort of trauma hierarchy that you think you don't know at all. You're not. Everything counts. & # 39;

Samantha & # 39; s mother Tess told the court that she was still being chased by her daughter's last afternoon alive. She wondered if Samantha had said: & # 39; I want my mom. & # 39;

& # 39; Did she wonder where I was and why I was not there to help her? & # 39; she asked.

Mrs. Knight said that Guider showed no remorse for killing her daughter and after her death even more children were taking drugs and being sexually abused.

She had devised & # 39; thousands and thousands of scenarios & # 39; s over and over again & # 39; regarding the fate of Samantha.


& # 39; Was she so scared that she was using the words of a younger child? Did she say & # 39; I want my mom & # 39 ;? Did she tell him & # 39; I want to go home & # 39; ?. & # 39;

& # 39; Please do not release him into the community until we have no choice, & # 39; she had asked the judge.

Chantelle Daly, one of Guider's victims, said her abuser was admitted for day exemption and his classification as a model prisoner & # 39; the ultimate slap in the face & # 39; used to be.

She believed that the authorities underestimated the threat that Guider still posed.

& # 39; You are a prisoner of gruesome crimes. You are in jail for committing the ultimate evil, you cannot be a & # 39; model prisoner & # 39; to be. It's a disgusting statement, & she said.


Forensic psychiatrist Jonathon Adams had agreed that Guider still posed a high risk of relapse.

He risked relapse in sexual fantasies and insisted on seeing children running around and having access to them, Dr. told. Adams the court.

Guider had been able to serve serial sexual crimes against children at the same time, instead of one after the other.

He was imprisoned in 1996 after being convicted of 60 child crimes, including intercourse without permission against 11 children – nine girls and two boys.

He was sentenced to a maximum term of 16 years.


In 2000 Guider was charged with eight additional child crimes from the 1980s and sentenced to further terms of six and a half years and 12 months.

Those terms did not increase his maximum punishment.

He then pleaded guilty to murdering Samantha in 2002 and was sentenced to a maximum of 17 years.

Mrs. Giles said: & # 39; If Guider had finished his sentences, we would not be here today. He would be locked up for life. & # 39;

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