The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Alphabet Squadron from Alexander Freed


Set in the aftermath of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the story follows the creation of a special ragtag group of starfighter pilots whose task is to track down a dangerous rogue gang of TIE hunters who wreak havoc in the New Republic.
Price: ~ $ 15

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

Making your wireless headset work with the Nintendo Switch is usually a nightmare, but it is a problem that the Arctis 1 Wireless from SteelSeries solves. It includes a headset that is pre-paired with the handy USB-C adapter, which means you'll experience seamless, lag-free audio in no time.Price: ~ $ 50


iRig Micro Amp

The iRig Micro Amp is a guitar-friendly amplifier packed in a miniature box with a four-inch speaker that can be connected to your phone, iPad, Mac or PC. It has EQ, gain and volume buttons and it can run for around 15 hours on six 7.5-watt AA batteries. Use a nine-volt adapter, and it emits up to 15 watts. Price: ~ $ 150

Folio Society & # 39; s Game of Thrones

Perfect for the disillusioned Game of Thrones fan in your life, return to George R.R. Martin & # 39; s A song of ice and fire series on which the show is based with this impressive edition of the Folio Society. It is filled with incredible illustrations, a huge map and it has a beautiful design. The Folio Society promises that it will release the rest of the series in a similar way, assuming that GRRM will ever come to write it. Price: ~ $ 195


How by Randall Munroe

How is the latest book from XKCD maker Randall Munroe. Filled with his iconic stick figure drawings, smart sense of humor and cold, hard science, How gives instructions on everything from moving your house to building a lava power.
Price: ~ $ 17

Twelve South Fermata headphones standard

Having a headphone stand is a lot like having special hangers for your belts and / or ties: it is not entirely necessary, but it makes life a lot more organized. The Fermata standard is better than most because it contains a Micro USB charging cable, so you never have a dead headphone.Price: ~ $ 50


Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon & # 39; s Echo Dot is an affordable smart speaker that will impress with its countless skills. It is also a fairly good sounding speaker in itself, capable of filling a room with music from your favorite streaming service.
Price: ~ $ 50


Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is the speaker that many Sonos owners have been waiting for. It works on batteries, so that users can move it from one room to another at home. For its price it is definitely a premium gift, but there is little else that it likes. Price: ~ $ 399

The Raven Tower from Ann Leckie


This is the first fantasy novel by Leckie. Just like them Imperial Radch science fiction series, it tells the story from the perspective of someone who does not think or process things the way a person does. In this story about how gods and people live together in this fantasy world, it helps to draw a starker contrast to how different they are.
Price: ~ $ 10

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If you are a glutton for challenging games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice depends on such Dark souls, because it comes from the same developer. This game is set in feudal Japan and focuses even more on reflex-based combat and vertical gameplay.Price: ~ $ 40

Intro level Ableton

Twenty-five years ago your child bought a guitar if he loved music. Now you buy Ableton. The intro level does not come with many built-in instruments, but there are enough freeware synths to keep a person busy for years. Price: ~ $ 99

Apple Airpods with wireless charging pouch

AirPods may not be the best-sounding wireless earbuds – and they certainly aren't the most stylish – but for iPhone users, there aren't a few wireless buttons that work better. The latest model of the original AirPods comes with the new H1 chip for better call quality, hands-free Siri access and the housing can be charged wirelessly. Price: ~ $ 180


Witch hat Atelier from Kamome Shirahama

This is a beautifully illustrated fantasy character about the daughter of a seamstress who dreams of learning magic, but who is only drawn into the mysterious world of magicians when tragedy happens to her family because of her magical pursuit. It is reminiscent of books such as An Earthsea wizard. Price: ~ $ 10

Trick mirror by Jia Tolentino


Trick mirror brings together nine new essays The New YorkerThe culture critic, ranging from optimization to the consequences of the social internet to the journey of the heroine. They offer a unique combination of insight, humor and honesty for complex discussion topics. Price: ~ $ 22

The Legend of Zelda: Link & # 39; s Awakening

Link & # 39; s Awakening on the Switch is a great remake of the Game Boy classic. The new graphics make it seem like you are playing with small toy figures, and the world of the game, puzzles and dungeons are just as much fun to explore as in 1993.Price: ~ $ 57


UE Mega Tree 3

Ultimate Ears has continued to impress over the years with the stylish, great-sounding Boom Bluetooth speaker line. The original Boom became the market leader in 2013 when the category first started, and the MegaBoom 3 represents every improvement ever since. It is loud, it looks great and it sounds even better. Price: ~ $ 200

Google Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 is the newest phone from Google, made with a mix of high-quality and experimental functions. It has a 90Hz screen, 6 GB RAM and the latest Android 10 software. But the real distinctive feature is the special radar chip that you can operate by waving your hands.Price: ~ $ 799

Baum-Kuchen Idea notebook

Sometimes you just need an analogue place to post your ideas. These notebooks are ideally suited for the job with 72 pages of screened paper. They are perfect for sketches, diagrams or written text – whatever helps you bring your ideas out. Price: ~ $ 11

Super Pumping: The Battle for Uber from Mike Isaac

Super Pumping: The Battle for Uber is partly non-fiction, partly business thriller. It describes the history of Uber and the rise and fall of former CEO Travis Kalanick. This deeply reported book is a fascinating look at one of the most influential companies of the decade.
Price: ~ $ 25

Awair Glow C

There are many smart plugs out there, but Awair & # 39; s Glow C is the only one that contains sensors for air quality, temperature and humidity. It also has a customizable night light. Connect an air conditioner or fan to the Glow C and let it switch on automatically when your room needs fresh air or becomes uncomfortably hot.Price: ~ $ 89

Bose 700 wireless headphones

Bose has always been a dominant factor in noise-canceling headphones, and the new 700 model reaffirms why. They have a sleek and premium construction, more effective noise reduction, better call quality and charging via USB-C.Price: ~ $ 399

Apple iPhone 11

Apple & # 39; s iPhone 11 may look a lot like last year's XR, but the company has made some major changes, including a huge battery that lasts much longer, a camera that is one of them (if not the) the best on any smartphone and an even faster processor. If you want to buy an iPhone this holiday season, this is the one you get. Price: ~ $ 700

Railroad ink

Railroad Ink is a compact and simple game about trying to make a better train network than your friends based on dice at different intersections of tracks. Although you all use the same parts, the way the networks ultimately look will be very different.
Price: ~ $ 20


This is a part action game, a part extraterrestrial / paranormal horror game. Jesse sees herself infiltrating into the mysterious headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, called the oldest house, looking for her lost brother. It is a wild ride where you go in search of every little piece about the mysteries of the oldest house and FBC.Price: ~ $ 45

Tom Binh Daylight Briefcase

The Tom Bihn shoulder bag is a spacious, easy way to take your things with you everywhere. It is more than enough space for a Nintendo Switch and a 13-inch laptop, as well as a few cables and adapters. It may seem a bit expensive, but it comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.
Price: ~ $ 85

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo portable console has only gotten better over the last year, with great new games such as Super Mario Maker 2, Fire logo: three houses, the Link wakes up remake, and of course Pokémon sword and Shield. Playable both on the move and on a large screen and now with even better battery life than the original model, the Switch is still a no-brainer.Price: ~ $ 299

Logitech Brio webcam

Designed to be the "Tesla of webcams", the Brio offers 4K HDR streaming, 5x zoom, 60 frames per second streaming at 1080p, and even infrared face recognition for services such as Windows Hello, all in a slim metal and glass package that seamlessly connect to most computer monitor configurations. Price: ~ $ 153

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The newest flagship phone from Samsung is the best so far. The Note setup is known for doing the most, but the Note 10 does even more. It is infused with more power, more functions and a better appearance than any other Note before.Price: ~ $ 850

CB2 black dip large mug

This two-tone mug looks great and won't break the bank. Why do you start drinking coffee from a transparent mug that you received from a random event when you can start your day with a little more style. Price: ~ $ 7

PDP Faceoff Deluxe + switch controller

The wired Switch controller from PDP connects to your dock and makes some things possible that are not possible with Nintendo's own Pro controller. You can connect headphones for private listening and voice chat in supported games.Price: ~ $ 25

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon & # 39; s Echo Show 5 is the smallest and cheapest smart display of the company. It's great to see headlines or make video calls from your desk or as a smart alarm on a bedside table.
Price: ~ $ 90

Elgato HD60 S +

Elgato & # 39; s HD60 S + capture card is something you want to invest in if you are trying to get your streaming gig (or hobby) off the ground. It connects via HDMI and can stream in 1080p at a smooth 60 frames per second, so your stream looks great.Price: ~ $ 200

Mairico heavy kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are an often overlooked but incredibly useful tool to have at home. Whether you want to cut meat, cut flowers, open packages, open cracknuts or even open a bottle, these scissors are great for all your kitchen needs. Price: ~ $ 7

Super Mario Maker 2

Create the Mario level of your dreams (or nightmares) with Super Mario Maker 2. This sequel to the Wii U original comes with tons of new options for creating levels, one Super Mario 3D World level theme, a story mode and competitive online multiplayer.Price: ~ $ 50

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

The Osmo Mobile 3 is perfect for someone who wants to make really smooth shots with the camera that is already in his pocket. It is lightweight, foldable to fit in a bag and offers 15 hours of battery life at a price that will not break the bank.Price: ~ $ 119

Ikea Symfonisk

Ikea cooperates with Sonos for the Symfonisk, a table lamp that is also a full-fledged Sonos loudspeaker, complete with the best multi-class audio technology of the company. It also has support for Apple & # 39; s AirPlay 2 technology. Price: ~ $ 179

DJI Spark

DJI & # 39; s shrinking drone has been the go-to for anyone who wants to get started with a drone since its launch in 2017, and it is still the best place to start for anyone who wants to experiment with flying a drone or drone photography. Price: ~ $ 388

1Password subscription

If your loved ones ignore your (very sensible) advice to set up and use a password manager, ask them for it. They may feel guilty enough to actually use it.
Price: $ 10 to $ 100


Yagami is an embarrassing lawyer who has become a private investigator in the fictional Kamurocho district of Tokyo. Apart from handling other small cases for people in the city, he is being dragged into a larger case with warring Yakuza clans, corrupt police and government officials, and corporate espionage, all related to the case that stopped him from becoming a lawyer.Price: ~ $ 39

Lego Tree House

The incredible tree house set from Lego may not be based on one Star Wars or Marvel film, but it contains thousands of pieces, lots of intricate details and leaves that can cycle through the seasons. Moreover, it is just fun to build. Price: ~ $ 154

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

This simple but well-designed ventilation opening securely grabs your phone, opens at the touch of a button and offers space for a power cord and audio cable (provided that your phone is still using one).Price: ~ $ 13

The quacks of Quedlinburg

You and your friends play as medieval alchemists who try to brew the best drinks at a nine-day festival by blindly removing new components for your brew from your ingredient bags. If you can push your luck enough, you might get the best drink of the day, or it could explode in your face.
Price: ~ $ 50

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon makes a lot of Kindles, but the best is the Paperwhite. It has the same, illuminated E Ink display with ultra-high pixel density as the more expensive Oasis, it is waterproof and it has the huge ebook library from Amazon. If you want a library in your pocket, this is the way to do it.
Price: ~ $ 150

Lego Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

The best part of Lego's space sets is the company's attention to detail when replicating actual spacecraft. You will experience periodic pleasure when you realize that you have just built a real propellant tank or installed the camera that was used to film the famous walk of Neil Armstrong down. This set is a great way to refresh your knowledge of vintage spacecraft design while enjoying handicrafts on an indoor afternoon. Price: ~ $ 200

Apple Macbook Pro

If you've postponed the upgrade of your Apple laptop, this year's MacBook Pro is an obvious upgrade. Compared to earlier models, it has a faster processor and now comes standard with a Touch Bar, which has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built in.Price: ~ $ 1,300

Magnetic personalities

Need inspiration? These hand puppet versions of famous writers, scientists, and politicians are magnetized so that they can hold on to your monitor. Or you can just put one on your finger and pretend to be talking to Sigmund Freud, Jane Austen, Langston Hughes or Schrodinger's cat.Price: ~ $ 7

King Home Series 65 whetstone

It is not only nice to have your kitchen knives sharp, but it is also safer. Whetstones require a little practice and effort to use, but they are a great way to keep your blades sharp for longer. This set comes with a base that ensures that the whetstone does not move while you sharpen. Price: ~ $ 30

Moment Anamorphic lens

Moment & # 39; s anamorphic lens turns your phone into a cinematic tool, providing true widescreen aspect ratios and natural lens flares (none of those fake things). You need the corresponding case to attach the lens (~ $ 30) and the Moment Pro Camera app (~ $ 5) to remove the anamorphic footage. Or you can import to your favorite video editing program and your J.J. Abrams-like magic from there.Price: ~ $ 150

Withings Steel HR Sport

If you know someone who is looking for a fitness tracker that looks more like a classic watch than a block of glass or plastic, then the Steel HR Sport is exactly that. It works with both iOS and Android phones and only needs the Withings health app, and it can stay charged for almost a month.Price: ~ $ 200

Wacom Cintiq 16

The Cintiq 16, the most affordable display tablet ever, is a great starting point for young creative people and hobbyists who want to make the leap to more professional devices. Price: ~ $ 650

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

The latest XPS 13 from Dell polishes an already great laptop with a very important tweak: the webcam is finally at the top of the screen. For your money this is one of the best Windows 10 laptops that you can currently buy.
Price: ~ $ 1,370

Anchor USB-C to Lightning cable

If you've purchased an iPhone in recent years, it's likely to be able to charge quickly via USB-C that charges it much faster than Apple's terrible in-box charger. But you need a USB-C to Lightning cable to do this, which (unless you have the latest and most expensive iPhone 11 Pro) does not supply Apple with your new phone. Choose one of these (along with a USB-C plug) and say goodbye to slow charging. Price: ~ $ 17

Ceramic dinosaur planters

Everyone has loved dinosaurs, and these porcelain dinos are both useful and fun to watch. These planters ensure that your succulents and other plants look their best.Price: ~ $ 40

Melifluos Cardigan Poncho

If your home or office can fluctuate between freezing temperatures and just not completely warm enough, it helps to have some extra layers of clothing on hand to insulate what heat you have. These ponchos are not only a great lightweight option, but they are also stylish enough for any meeting.
Price: ~ $ 31


Wingspan is not only a beautifully designed game, but it is also a smart game. Players collect different birds and build a gameplay engine that escalates as each round progresses. It is thoughtful and beautiful to look at and it will certainly be a crowd puller during your next game night.
Price: ~ $ 76

Apple Watch series 5

The latest Apple Watch makes a small but important leap compared to the previous model: a screen that is always visible. That means that you can finally see the time without raising your arm. Better yet, the battery of this Apple Watch does not suffer much at all with this feature turned on.Price: ~ $ 385

Rilakkuma cable protector

Is there a nicer way to protect your beloved cables from fraying than with a cute bear wrapping around it? Probably not.
Price: ~ $ 9

Pop on by Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding

Pop on The book is based on the podcast of the same name that revolves around peeping into charts. What makes certain melodies so popular? Why don't you get those texts out of your head? How did "Despacito" become a cultural moment? This book delves deep into 16 modern classics to give you insight into the musical qualities of the greatest songs of the pop.
Price: ~ $ 25

RavPower 61W GaN charger

The 61W charger from RavPower looks about as big as a phone charger, but it has a considerable amount of firepower. It is enough to charge most laptops, while it still fits in the palm of your hand. If you have a USB-C laptop, you will never want to travel with anything else.Price: ~ $ 36

Sega Genesis Mini

Whether you grew up a Sega Genesis or not, this mini version of the console is a great idea for any gamer. It's all you expect from a small retro console: it has a great library of 42 games and modern storage functionality, with lots of great little details such as menu music, moving pieces of hardware and access to games from multiple regions.Price: ~ $ 70

Sony WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds

They may not have the same cultural style as AirPods, but Sony wireless earbuds have a different trick: they put Sony's fantastic noise canceling technology in the truly wireless buttons along with great sound quality.Price: ~ $ 230

Shark socks

They are socks. They are sharks. They are shark socks! And they look like a cozy shark that eats your feet. What else do you need?
Price: ~ $ 10

Saga Compendium One

Whether you are new to graphic novels or not, Saga: Compendium One is an incredible, expansive story told from the perspective of a child raised by parents of a war-torn universe. There is humor, action, loss and the art is stunningly beautiful.
Price: ~ $ 44

RAVPower Wireless charding stand

Wireless chargers are a great accessory for your phone, and the RavPower pads (whether you prefer a standard or a flat pad) are the best there is. They charge quickly, they come with a wall brick in the box and they look great on your desk or bedside table. Price: ~ $ 50

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 170

The first modular line from Teenage Engineering is great fun to assemble, play with and, perhaps more importantly, it is approachable for beginners. The 170 is an analog monophonic synthesizer with a programmable sequencer that comes with an illustrated 70-page manual, including various sample patch diagrams to get you started.Price: ~ $ 399

Philips Bluetooth Hue

Philip & # 39; s Hue lamps are a great place to start if you want to dip your toe in a smart light system. The company's newest smart Bluetooth lamps make it even easier by removing the need to first purchase a wired hub. Price: ~ $ 25

Solar Puff outdoor lamp

This is the perfect wireless lamp for when you want a little bit of atmospheric lighting on the road, outside or anywhere. It charges a solar panel that is hidden at the bottom of the cube, and it becomes flat for easy packing. It also has an adjustable velcro strap that can be used to hang or as a handle.Price: ~ $ 30

Waterfield Designs Vitesse Cycling Musette

Although the name suggests it is only for cyclists, this bag is a great way to take your daily necessities. It is especially useful on vacation or when you are looking for a simple, lightweight solution for your wearing needs.
Price: ~ $ 89

Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest offers a touch of power and convenience for virtual reality headsets and offers space-scale tracking and full-function hand controllers in a stand-alone, user-friendly package. It is especially well combined with Beat Saber, a kinetic rhythm game played with virtual lighting swords, which is one of the best experiences that VR has to offer.Price: ~ $ 399

Roku Streaming Stick +

This stick offers a lot of power in a small package and also for a small price. This allows you to quickly give any TV access to 4K HDR streaming video without any other device overloading your entertainment center or hanging on your wall mounted screen.Price: ~ $ 50

Kakao Friend Airpods cover

AirPods cases are the new phone cases, which means that it is again a gadget that you can decorate with protective, cute covers that show off your personality. These Kakao characters are a real rage in Korea, with Ryan as a very hot item.Price: ~ $ 28

Mophie Powerstation XXL

There are some battery packs that you can easily put in a back pocket and that you can take with you every day. This is not one of them. This is a stone of a battery designed for travel when you may need to charge a phone or Nintendo Switch.Price: ~ $ 78

NT red USB

Add a podcast microphone to your 2020 starter package. You need it. This model has everything you need to record yourself, including a pop-shield. It is compatible with both iPad and laptop. Price: ~ $ 169

Wemo Smart Plug

This smart plug is a great and inexpensive way to turn non-smart devices, such as lights, into something that you can operate with your preferred virtual assistant. It is also a great first smart device for someone who is not sure if he really wants or needs a house full of smart devices.
Price: ~ $ 22

Mophie wireless car charger

If you listen to your music or use Maps – or both – while driving, your phone's battery may run out in no time. This ventilation bracket keeps your phone safe and keeps it charged wirelessly.Price: ~ $ 70

Apple iPad

If you want to give a gadget to someone who shuns plastic straws and water bottles, they might be happy to know that this is the first iPad with a housing made of 100% recycled aluminum. It also has a larger screen and can connect to Apple & # 39; s Smart Keyboard.
Price: ~ $ 330

Hydro bottle 32 oz wide mouth

You can't ask for much more from a bottle of water. It has a large capacity, an opening with a wide opening to fill it faster, and it is sufficiently insulated to keep hot drinks 12 hours hot and cold drinks 24 hours cold.Price: ~ $ 40

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit makes many fitness trackers, but the Charge 3 HR ticks all the boxes: great battery life, tons of fitness tracking options, sleep tracking and a stylish look. It even does some basic smartwatch functions, such as call and text notifications. Price: ~ $ 149

Google Nest Hub

Google & # 39; s smart display of Nest Hub is a lot: a TV-like device that can play YouTube videos, a command center for smart home gadgets and, more importantly, an excellent digital photo frame for your Google Photo & # 39; s collection.Price: ~ $ 230

iFixit Mako driver set

When you want to repair a device, you don't want to spend time looking for the right bit for your screwdriver. It doesn't just do that i fix itThe kit probably contains everything you could possibly need, but they are all nicely laid out. That makes it easy to see what you need, grab it and go back to what you were repairing.Price: ~ $ 30

Inkkas Star Wars shoes

If you want to walk like an Ewok, you can try it Star Wars boots designed by Inkkas. The fabric footwear includes a variety of styles inspired by the sci-fi film series (for example, the Death Star High Top), and a percentage of each sale goes to reforestation.
Price: ~ $ 149

Citizen Eco Drive watches

Finding the right watch for you or a loved one can be a challenge. Citizen & # 39; s Eco-Drive watches look great and they can basically last forever, thanks to their ability to charge from the sun. If the watch dies, place it in the sunlight for a few minutes to bring it back.Price: ~ $ 180

Uniqlo hoodie with hood

You can never have too many comfortable hoodies, and this one has a super soft interior, thanks to the polar lining. The cozy fabric keeps you extra warm this winter and it works great as an extra layer under a jacket or coat when you have to go outside.
Price: ~ $ 40

Verge Merch

If you read this, you probably read The edge, which means that you probably know someone else who is also reading The edge. So they probably want one Verge shirt or hoodie as a gift – or maybe you would. Here is a discount code anyway: HGG2019
Price: varies