The Verge guide for the iPhone

The edge guide for the iPhone is a comprehensive list of instructions that will help you become the best iPhone user you can be.


Do you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone? We explain the difference between the different models, tell you how you can sell or trade in your old phone, and teach you how to delete all your personal information when you hand it over.

We offer you tips and tricks to get the best out of your phone and the apps that are available. Do you want to move all your data to your brand new phone? Do you have to replace a defective battery? Curious about installing the latest version of iOS before it is completely secure? Here is step-by-step advice to help you where you need to be.

If you already have an iPhone or just want to increase your knowledge about using iOS, our how-to & # 39; s can teach you everything you need to know (or already knew) about some of the more advanced features of your phone.

And don't worry, you can always go back to this page, in case you can't read the entire guide at once.