The vegetable meat from Impossible Foods comes to 102 other stores

A week after Impossible Foods started selling the Impossible Burger in supermarkets on the west coast, the company announces that its vegetable "meat" will soon be available in stores on the east coast of the US. It will be available from tomorrow in 102 stores, including Fairway in New York and 100 Wegmans locations in seven states.


Combined with the 27 Gelson & # 39; s markets in Southern California announced last week, the launch means that the Impossible Burger is now available in 129 stores along with more than 17,000 restaurants across the country. Impossible Foods has previously said it hopes to sell its hamburgers by mid-2020 in supermarkets in every region of the US.

The company still has something to catch up with to match the number of supermarkets selling vegetable burgers made by Beyond Meat, the main competitor of Impossible Foods. From June this year, Beyond Meat burgers were available in Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Wegmans, Target and Sprouts, as well as a series of restaurant chains.

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