The updated Nest Mini speaker from Google may hang on your wall

Google will soon be able to release an updated version of its Home Mini smart speaker, and according to a request from the Federal Communications Commission, it could make a few improvements. As reported by 9to5Google, the rough outline of the following iteration – which is said to be named Google Nest Mini – shows off a wall mount so that you can easily hang it on your wall. A separately purchased accessory is required for the current version.


The most striking is that the Nest Mini has an audio output. Similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, this could connect the new Google Nest speaker to an audio source via a 3.5 mm cable, whether it is a laptop, telephone or a stereo receiver. This feature is missing in the current Google Home Mini speaker and it would be a welcome addition.

However, I am not exactly that what sold FCC archiving image shows is without a doubt an audio port. This is a similar location to where the microphone mute switch is on the current Home Mini. It seems unlikely that Google would completely lose the switch, especially since it is so handy. It would be great to have both an audio port and a mute switch for the microphone. But given the choice, I think more people would appreciate the position that respects their privacy.

The Google Pixel 4 will be released in October and we expect to see other announcements, and possibly this device, at its hardware event next month.

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