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The United States is preparing for a large influx of immigrants ahead of the lifting of health restrictions


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On Wednesday, the United States sent 24,000 security personnel to its land borders, in preparation for the imminent lifting of a sanitary measure that has been in place since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic and allowed the immediate deportation of migrants crossing overland to its lands. On the other side of the border, immigrants dreaming of entering the US are crowded with confusion and anxiety.

Hours before lifting a health measure that has been in place since the beginning of the pandemic Corona Virusmustered United State Wednesday 24 A security element on its borders in anticipation of the influx of a large number of immigrants.

This comes at a time when immigrants were waiting at the US border, and a state of confusion and anxiety prevailed among them.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorcas acknowledged that the “coming days and weeks” could be “very difficult”, noting that the authorities had already detected a “large number” of migrants arriving at the border.

President Joe Biden acknowledged a day ago that the situation could become “chaotic” when the measure called “Title” ceases to work 42Thursday time 23,59 Washington time (Friday at 03,59 GMT). This measure prevents the submission of an asylum application in the United States and allows migrants to be immediately deported to Mexico under the pretext of combating Covid-19.19.

Border cities like Brownsville, Laredo and El Paso have seen large numbers of immigrants arrive, mostly from Latin America but also from China, Russia and Turkey.

On the other side of the border, in Ciudad Juárez and Matamoros, hundreds of people were rushing to try to enter the US to claim asylum, fearing a change in the rules in place would prevent them from doing so for five years.

Tightening asylum conditions

In an effort to help local authorities, the US government announced Wednesday the publication of “more than 24 Alpha of law enforcement agents as well as over 1100 Border Police Coordinator. And added to them 1500 Soldiers deployed by the Department of Defense to the border to back up 2500 are there.

In addition, the Ministries of Justice and Homeland Security have finalized new restrictions on the right to asylum that were announced in February and will be consulted before they come into effect on Thursday evening. Before they reach the border, those wishing to apply for asylum, with the exception of unaccompanied minors, will have to get an appointment set through a mobile application developed by the border guards.

Otherwise, their application will be considered invalid and they may be subject to expedited removal procedures that will prevent them from entering the United States for five years. These changes raise great confusion for those who dream of reaching the United States. These new measures were met with harsh criticism from associations concerned with defending immigrants.

The civil rights organization said ACLU “President Biden has just opened a new phase of tremendous suffering for people who are already suffering violence and persecution.” “By doing so, he is finishing (former Republican President Donald) Trump’s job rather than fulfilling his campaign promises,” she added.

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