<pre><pre>THE ULTIMATE IN BREXIT: Boris Johnson is the 44th MP to join the HARDEST Brexit group that could OVER May | Policy | News

The former foreign secretary is the 44th conservative critic who supports Stand Up 4 Brexit, which campaigns to get rid of all EU negotiations to date and finally leaves Brussels without an agreement.

Boris Johnson's move comes amid reports that the number of conservative MPs who send letters calling for his expulsion was close to the 48 needed to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Tory leader.

As Ms. May urged Tory parliamentarians to "focus on the award" of Brexit, Mr. Johnson kept up the pressure by attacking the Prime Minister's Ladies' agreement and said: "We would not control our laws and we certainly could not do what we wanted. Right". Free trade offers.

"It's a trap and a fraud for those who voted to leave."

Supporters of Stand Up 4 Brexit include Johnson's ally, Conor Burns, and former ministers David Davis, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith, Owen Paterson, John Whittingdale and David Jones.

The group is committed to fighting against plans to maintain EU rules on British products, the "support" plan and the free movement of Northern Ireland.

Theresa May told parliamentarians on Monday that the terms of Britain's withdrawal from the EU were agreed at 95 percent, but that the "sticking point" remains the subject of the Irish border.

However, the prime minister was criticized by critics from all sides of the Commons, after she confirmed that she could accept a brief extension of the transition period after the UK leaves to secure a final agreement.

Both Tory Brexiteers and Remainers expressed concern that they could leave the country trapped indefinitely in a transitional agreement without a vote in the rules that govern it.

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Update of the 8.48 a.m .: Iain Duncan Smith reveals what really happened in the secret meeting of Brexit with Barnier

Iain Duncan Smith said the plans, which he discussed with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in a private meeting yesterday, required "goodwill and cooperation" but not "special measures" such as new technology, as currently proposed by the plan Checkers of Mrs. May.

Mr. Duncan Smith said that Mr. Barnier would "listen to ideas from all sides," but stressed that "he was not negotiating" on behalf of the government and rejected a suggestion by a Good Morning Britain presenter that the meeting was " secret. "

Update 8.41am: Germany has demanded that the remnants receive a second referendum

Former Secretary of State Sigmar Gabriel got into the stalled Brexit negotiations by suggesting that Prime Minister Theresa May's response to the stalled talks would be to give the remnants a second vote.

Mr. Gabriel described a handful of strange points that, in his opinion, made the Brexit ballot illegitimate, for example, how the British too young to vote in the June 2016 referendum now, according to him, will surely vote to remain in a second referendum.