The Ugly Side of Buying Instagram Followers

What’s the first thing you notice when you check out someone’s Instagram profile? Well, for many, the first thing they see is the number of followers. The number of followers is an important aspect of Instagram. It gives bragging rights to the person who has the highest followers. Have you ever wondered how people who are not even celebrities amass such a large following on Instagram? Some get their followers due to their creative content, while others spend money to buy their followers. Buying Instagram followers can positively affect your profile at the start, but it isn’t something that you should carry in the long run. There are many downsides to buying Instagram. Let’s take a look at the ugly side of buying Instagram followers, either from the best site to buy Instagram followers, or just any site you come across.

No Engagement

Engagement rate is an important statistic on Instagram. It shows how good your content is in terms of hooking the client. So as your followers increase, so should your engagement rate. If it doesn’t, then people can compare your followers to the engagement rate and automatically understand that you have been purchasing fake followers. This can actually be a dead giveaway to people who have been using Instagram for many years now.

You Won’t Earn Money with Them.

If you want to become an influencer on Instagram and earn money, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have as long as they are organic and original. You can have a million bots and dead profiles in your followers, and it will do you no good. So to earn money through Instagram, you need real followers.

You, Will, Lose Credibility

It isn’t hard to identify a fake profile on Instagram. If people see that your account is full of such followers, and something about the likes-followers ratio seems fishy, that would automatically make you lose credibility, resulting in you losing some of your followers. This situation is fixable, though, if you buy likes Instagram and even things out.

Whom Would You Influence if you don’t have any followers?

If a large chunk of your followers are bots and dead accounts, how will you become an influencer on Instagram? You need organic followers if you want to become a strong and popular influencer on the platform. So try to buy Instagram followers just for that boost factor. Don’t use them to base your entire following on them.

It’s not considered lawful by Instagram.

Buying followers isn’t considered legal by Instagram. They discourage it, and anyone found in the act may have to face a permanent ban suspension. Instagram has a very strong algorithm to detect if you keep on buying fake followers from external sources. So you have to be very careful when trying to purchase and make use of fake followers.

So there you have it. These points show that it’s not all happy fun and games when it comes to buying followers for Instagram or other social media platform.