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The truth always shows in the neck.


When I was in my early 40s, my 93-year-old aunt told me, “Wear your necklaces now before you can’t.”

For a moment I thought she meant I would be a guillotine. But when I stared at her neck, I saw what she meant.

Not that she swayed or swayed gleefully as she spoke, but he couldn’t be mistaken for a teenage ballerina.

It was the neck of a beautiful non-generation girl who looked just like Katharine Hepburn in her youth. So she had a head start in the beauty stakes.

Most of us have glanced in the mirror or phone camera and that moment of realization was:

“It finally happened—I have a turkey neck!” People as beautiful as Isabella Rossellini also notice this phenomenon. In an interview last month with Page Six of the New York Post, the 70-year-old actress admitted, “Necklines are always a little annoying, but I’d rather have a little scarf than a surgery!”

Karen Krizanovic, 53, shares her thoughts on how to treat an aging neck—from scarves to treatments. The stored image is in use

The neck is the part of the body that seems to bother everyone at a certain age. It is telling the truth not only about how well we live but also about how well we choose our parents.

So, compared to Rossellini, daughter of famous beauty Ingrid Bergman, what chance does the average person have, neck-wise?

The late Nora Ephron’s famous article “I feel bad about my neck” delved deeply into the subject.

I had Botox injected into my neck slings to stop this brow look

Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth. You have to cut down a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t do that if it had a neck.

However, no amount of imagination can obscure the visible reality that comes to us in the mirror every day uplifted, like the bow of a ship. He’s there at breakfast, staring at us.

at least in the evening the descending lamps cast a shadow upon our feeble throats. Unless you are a neck model, you will have ideas as to why this particular area is difficult.

Some might slip their necks with miracle creams, do stretching exercises that look ridiculous (chin out, chin in, look at the ceiling) or even have surgery (there are tons of procedures to choose from). Some of them are wizards with scarves (Oi, I’m looking at you, Parisian).

If you don’t want to spend your life freezing at the polonette (or as Ephron described her friends: start dressing like the “white ladies” version of the Joy Luck Club with Mandarin collars), there’s not much you can do as disguise. Anna Wintour—a bob and sunglasses—wears a three-strand choker. Hey Anna, what are you hiding?

As Elizabeth Taylor ages, promotional photography for her fragrance collections shows her deep chin in pools—hair, makeup, and jewelry on point. This is a sign for all of us that even the greatest of beauties will eventually feel disappointed.

‘disappointment?’ I hear you cry. My life doesn’t revolve around the shape, contour and appearance of my neck! What an absurdity!

Of course, we should love our necks no matter what condition they are in, and we don’t care if they say, “Hey, this one is way older than she looks from a distance.”

Do we care that we look older? Yes, we do, because there is still value in beauty, that eternal quality from which no one can escape.

Helen of Troy didn’t launch a thousand ships because she was kind. We want to look good – but mainly, we want to look good for ourselves.

To that end, you can go all out in Hollywood and get a lift or a tuck. Or European and wear a veil. Or Scandinavian with a drawer full of neck-hicing knitwear. Or you could be British, wear fancy jewelry and feel bad about your neck, but then remember that you have more important things to despair about.

Personally, I strive to keep the lies I tell myself to a minimum. So, despite having a head as round as a bowling ball, I wear concealed turtlenecks, even if they make me look like a stupid dandelion.

Also, I’ve taken the route suggested by dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe: Botox injections into the neck sling. Not only does this give my neck a breather by releasing the tension in the ropes themselves—stopping that reedy look—it also keeps my neck muscles from sliding down my face in a sneer of desperation.

Additionally, i use sunscreen from the hairline down to the décolleté, including the entire neckline to the décolleté area. You don’t need a special cream to stop creases between your breasts if you’re using sunscreen this regularly – trust me. Think of slathering sunscreen on everything, everywhere, in one go and you’ll do it right.

Aside from surgery, covering up, or choosing your DNA wiser, there’s not much you can do about your neck except love it regardless — along with the rest of your people.

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