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The tracking success pathway: Follow the track


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By Alex van den Heever & & Grant Ashfield *

Utilizing an ancient African practice as a modern-day guide to life and organization.

In the last essay you found out about the very first activity of’discovering the best track’ in the Tracking Success Pathway. We now take an action even more to following the tracks.

Activity 2– Follow the Track

The focus in this stage now moves to the following of a path of indications.

For the wildlife tracker, indications consist of footprints, scent markings, feeding indication, alarm calls and numerous others.

For a magnate these indications might be lessening personnel engagement, moving market behaviour, brand-new patterns in development, client complete satisfaction and lots of others.

A curious frame of mind here is essential. Interest is a frame of mind defined by an appetite to discover something brand-new. To exceed the surface area of things. It’s normally borne of a desire to resolve an issue.

This stage is not like following your pet on the beach.

It’s more complex than that. The indications you are trying to find are generally feint and odd.

The ‘follow’ phase includes the intentional act of browsing.

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It needs one to be extremely attuned to subtle distinctions, variations, and qualities that specify a particular path.

An apparently unimportant scuffmark might be important details to remaining on track.

What’s more, the nature of the path is continuously developing. A lion path over stony ground varies from one in loose sand or through high lawn.

The tracker for that reason requires to be versatile. Open to changing their viewpoint.

Eventually, they need to link all these littles proof– to construct a cohesive story, about the animal’s behaviour.

The typical trap in the following stage is hyper-focus

Constant extreme focus really hinders the trackers’ capability to discover things occurring around them. For a lion tracker, active focus might indicate missing out on a crucial bird alarm call suggesting risk ahead.

A softer focus is chosen. This permits the larger image to emerge. For connections to be made in between obviously unassociated pieces of info.

Specialist trackers continuously move their focus in between the information and the larger environment. They focus and they zoom out.

This focus moving, open frame of mind, assists to take in a large range details permitting the development of originalities. New theories.

The state of mind of continuous interest guarantees we live life in a state of innovative reaction to the world around us.

Magnate can develop an environment where interest flourishes. The benefits for doing so are terrific. They do this by welcoming brand-new point of views, motivating expedition, and fulfilling individuals for development and originalities.

See www.trackingsuccess.tv to find out how you and your group can embrace the state of mind of a tracker.

Image credits: Follow the Track– Ian Thomas *

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