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The top tools for care home marketing

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Running a successful care home is dependent on a wide range of things. One of the most crucial is having effective and efficient marketing.

With a successful approach to marketing, you can see a greater level of engagement from potential residents and their families, as well as significant increases in your lead generation and move-ins.

Marketing is the perfect component for any care home looking to boost their return on investment (ROI), but this is best achieved when your strategies are designed and incorporated as successfully as possible.

It’s vital to use a variety of expert tools to enhance your marketing. However, with a huge range of tools available, you might wonder which ones will be most effective at improving your marketing activities.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top tools for care home marketing, to make your decision much simpler.

1. Call tracking

The first, and potentially most important tool for care home marketing is call tracking

This intricate software allows you to gain extensive data on all your customer calls, and analyse the journeys surrounding each call.

Call tracking provides detailed insights which allow you to track the customer journey, outlining the channels and touchpoints visited by each prospect before, during, and after a call.

This will reveal the main marketing sources with the most engagement, and those which are most successful in converting residents to enquire or move-in.

With this information, you can see which marketing strategies are preferred by residents and their families, and are most successful at funnelling them down their journey.

For instance, you could determine that certain social media posts or campaigns are your care home’s most successful strategies.

This is essential for your marketing, as it lets you have a more informed basis on which to create your future strategies, with a clearer idea of what your prospective residents and their families gravitate towards. 

2. Speech analytics

Another fantastic tool for care home marketing is speech analytics. 

This is the perfect tool for thorough analysis of every phone call, allowing a more in-depth look at how your customer communication is performing.

Speech analytics can transcribe every phone call, as well as identify any important keywords mentioned in each conversation. It’s a fantastic feature of your call tracking software.

With this data, you can assess the quality of your calls, identify the purpose of the call, understand how successfully the prospect or their family member engaged with you, and whether the call’s resolution was satisfying.

This is essential for your marketing, as the quality of your communication can often be make or break for a potential move-in. 

Regardless of how successfully the residents funnel down their journey to a call, if your communication is poor, they may end their journey there.

Therefore, with detailed analysis of your communication, you can ensure that every aspect of it is reliable and high-quality, to increase your rate of conversion.

3. Advanced call handling

Advanced call handling is also a great tool to include in your care home marketing, as it allows you to monitor and maintain full control over all your inbound calls with potential residents and their families.

Care home marketing is all about reaching and persuading prospects to convert to a move-in, and often a call can be the most important touchpoint in their journey, so they must be handled effectively.

Advanced call handling allows you to do many things to ensure every call is given the utmost attention. For instance, you can use call routing to ensure calls are never missed, and that every prospect can speak to someone in your team.

Also, interactive voice response can ensure every caller gains the information they’re looking for, by routing calls and managing call volumes with menus, as well as the top priority callers being interacted with first.

With features like this, advanced call handling can ensure the final touchpoint in a customer’s journey can help the prospective resident, or their family member, to feel valued as well as having their needs met efficiently.

This will result in a higher rate of move-ins from calls, and therefore create an optimal ROI.

With these brilliant tools, you’ll be able to take your care home marketing to the next level, and boost the success of your lead generation and move-in rates.

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