The top 8 Echo products that Amazon announced today

It is clear that Amazon is trying to make its personal assistant Alexa as pervasive as possible. With the introduction of today's marathon product, the company debuted a wide range of Echo brand Alexa products, both at home and outdoors.


But that's the problem: with all these new and improved Echo devices, which one should you get? What follows is an overview of the basic specifications, prices and availability of the most interesting products introduced today. Take a look and see if you feel like it.

Echo for the house

Amazon has updated some of its current smart Echo speakers and introduced several new ones for use in your home.

Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is the new high-end speaker from Amazon. It is designed with a one-inch tweeter and three two-inch midrange speakers, 3D audio and Dolby Atmos technology; it also offers a built-in smart home hub.
availabilty: Now in pre-order; shipment November 7
price: $ 199.99

Echo show 8

The Echo Show series of smart screens from Amazon looks like photo frames, but according to Amazon they do much more. This version offers an eight-inch screen and a built-in camera, and includes integration with the Food Network so that you can use it as a way to view and possibly build new recipes.
Availabilty: Now in pre-order; shipment November 21
Price: $ 129.99

Echo speaker

The third generation of Amazon & # 39; s Echo speaker has been upgraded with improved speakers (according to Amazon it has the same audio architecture as the current Echo Plus speaker) and new fabric design colors, including blue, charcoal, gray and sandstone.
Availabilty: Now in pre-order; shipment October 16
Price: $ 99.99

Echo Dot with clock

The next generation Echo Dot has a LED display on the side with which you can check the time, outside temperature, timers and alarms.
Availabilty: Now in preorder, shipping October 16
Price: $ 59.99
(Note: the previous version of the Dot remains available for $ 49.99)

Echo Flex


Designed to fit anywhere in your home, this small smart speaker measures just 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.0 inches and can be connected directly to a power outlet. It contains a USB-A port.
Availabilty: Now in preorder, shipping November 14
Price: $ 24.99

Echo for the road

If you want your personal assistant to be used everywhere, it can't just be the house. These more portable devices give you access to Alexa everywhere.

Echo Buds

Amazon is competing against Apple & # 39; s AirPods with its own set of wireless earbuds. Aggressively priced and including technology designed to reduce ambient noise, the Echo Buds also have a passthrough mode (so you can hear what's happening on the street), two fixture drivers in each earpiece for quality sound, and the ability to not only Alexa, but also Siri or Google Assistant (depending on what your phone uses).
Availabilty: Now in pre-order; shipment October 30
Price: $ 129.99

Echo Frames

One of the two products that can be considered more experimental than anything else, the Echo Frames are suitable for your prescription, but are only available by invitation (you can request an invitation on the product page). Unlike the infamous Google Glass, Echo Frames are designed to look like regular glasses and do not contain a camera or screen; the idea is to keep Alexa within reach and to call everywhere.
Availabilty: By invitation
Price: $ 179.99

Echo Loop

Just like the Echo Frames, this smart ring is meant to keep Alexa with you wherever you are. Another invitation product, the Loop uses a button to give you access to your personal assistant and haptic technology to vibrate when you receive a call – and yes, you can hold the ring to your ear to receive and receive that call reply.
Availabilty: By invitation
Price: $ 129.99

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