The third child found safe after two teenagers drowned in the Swan River in Perth

<pre><pre>The third child found safe after two teenagers drowned in the Swan River in Perth

A child who feared he had drowned in the Swan River of Perth was found safe after two of his friends were taken out of the water after a police pursuit.

The first body was recovered at 8:30 pm on Monday and the second was discovered just before 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Police chased five children in response to reports of teenagers jumping fences in Maylands on Monday afternoon, saw four jumps and caught two, but saw for the last time the fifth teenager running along the riverbank and He feared he jumped too.

The body of the second child was recovered earlier on Tuesday.

"This is just a tragedy," said Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, as he offered his condolences to the families of the deceased.

"It is believed that two boys got into trouble in the middle of the river and succumbed to the conditions and were not seen returning to the surface," Dawson said Tuesday.

Flowers sit in the drowning scene


All the children were under 18, but the police did not disclose more details at the request of their relatives.

The police divers retrieved the second body around 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, more than nine hours after the first body was taken out of the water.

The tragedy follows a police chase that began mid-afternoon on Monday when officers responded to reports of five teenagers jumping fences in Maylands.

"The police did not physically contact the two children who disappeared underwater in the middle of the river," Dawson said.

The other two boys who also jumped were saved.

The Maylands boat ramp on Clarkson Road, Maylands, and its parking lot were closed on Tuesday.

The water police are still on the scene, as are the mounted police officers and the air wing.