The ThinkSmart Hub 700 from Lenovo brings Dolby audio to your meeting room

<pre><pre>The ThinkSmart Hub 700 from Lenovo brings Dolby audio to your meeting room

Hot on the heels of its recently announced ThinkSmark Hub 500, Lenovo hopes to improve the conference experience with the ThinkSmart Hub 700.

The new device looks almost as if there is a UFO on your desk, but the comic design conceals some interesting technical features. For example, IR sensors detect when a person enters a room and can automatically make a connected display or devices within range. It runs Windows 10 IoT, and is most suitable for users whose laptops are locked by system administrators, making it difficult to start or install conference software or even connect devices via USB ports.

The system integrates directly into general meeting solutions, such as Skype for Business, Zoom or BlueJeans, and displays a short calendar on the screen of upcoming meetings. Users simply use the jog dial on top of the device to select a meeting and join in with just the push of a button. The audio performance is displayed loud and clear through the integrated Dolby Audio speaker system, with enhanced speakers co-designed with Dolby.

Most importantly, the system provides both wired and wireless connectivity, allowing local and remote users to quickly connect and share data and screens from multiple devices, so you do not have to worry while trying to find specific ports.

Lenovo's ThinkSmart Software Platform can be integrated with the ThinkSmart Hub 700 to display detailed information such as the busiest times for a meeting room, the most popular meeting solutions, and a report on connectivity or technical issues that may arise during a meeting .

The prices for the ThinkSmart Hub 700 have not yet been announced, although Lenovo has said that the device will be available in the first quarter of 2019.