Home Life Style The terrorist who killed the German police officer shows no remorse after waking up from a coma

The terrorist who killed the German police officer shows no remorse after waking up from a coma

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 Terrorist Who Killed German Cop Shows No Remorse After Waking from Coma

The terrorist who fatally stabbed a German police officer during a frenzied knife attack last month has expressed no regrets after waking up from an induced coma. Sulaiman Ataee, 25, launched a brutal attack on officer Rouven Laur, 29, at an anti-Islam demonstration in Mannheim on May 31, stabbing him several times in the head and neck.

Horrifying footage captured on a YouTube livestream showed Ataee wielding a large knife as he lunged at far-right activist Michael Stürzenberger and four bystanders before attacking Laur. The seriously injured officer was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Despite doctors’ efforts, he succumbed to his injuries two days later.

Ataee it was reportedly neutralized by police gunfire during the incident. Although BILD initially reported that he was dead, it has now been confirmed that Ataee survived and has been in a coma at Mannheim’s Theresienkrankenhaus hospital since the attack.

A source claims that Ataee woke up from his coma and has been behaving “very rudely” to hospital staff, showing no remorse for his actions. The source told BILD: “He doesn’t seem to regret her actions. He is very rude to the staff and demands to be discharged from the hospital.”

They said online mail: Ataee also suffers from paralysis in his leg caused by surgery to remove a police bullet from his abdominal aorta. “Even after coming out of the artificial coma, she could no longer feel her left leg,” the source said. “Her leg was probably injured during the difficult operation to remove the police bullet. But it is a miracle that the doctors managed this dangerous operation so well.”

Currently, Ataee remains in intensive care, under constant surveillance by two police officers. His future actions remain uncertain as authorities determine next steps. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation and concluded that Ataee was a lone radical perpetrator who resorted to mass violence to thwart criticism of Islam.

Ataee, who arrived in Germany from Afghanistan in 2015, lived with his wife and two children in Heppenheim. One neighbor described his recent radicalization by saying, “It used to be normal. Recently, about a year ago, I noticed it had changed. He was helpful before, but suddenly became cold. “Suddenly he became more reserved and also more aggressive.” As the investigation continues, the community grapples with the shock and horror of the attack and the implications of Ataee’s radical transformation.

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