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The Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan has smart Mario-themed wristbands

Super Nintendo Land, the Mario-themed extension to Universal Studios, will be one of the most interesting and technically inspired theme park attractions to date.

Launched as part of Universal Studios Japan in the city of Osaka for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the park will have portable wristbands called “Power Up Bands” that will be synchronized with a smartphone app and follow digital activities while walking around, according to Tokyo Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori, which attended a press event on Tuesday local time with new elements from Super Nintendo World.

According to Mori, the bands can collect digital coins and compete against other visitors to the park. Thierry Coup, the chief creative officer of Universal Creative (the theme park design and R&D division of Universal Parks & Resorts), made the series of announcements during the park’s worldwide kickoff celebration, where he called Super Nintendo World a life-size life video game. ”

The mobile app has a game style top view to find attractions, and you can create a profile and unlock achievements. It is currently unclear why you would collect these digital coins that go beyond bragging, but you can imagine a form of prizes such as Mario memorabilia, or other Nintendo-themed rewards. It can also be a form of interactive component for rides or games that you can play in the park.

According to Coup, Osaka will receive the first Super Nintendo Land, followed by the corresponding Universal Parks sites in the US – in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida – as well as in Singapore. There is no concrete timetable for when the park is still free. By the way, we don’t know much about the expansion confirmation that there will indeed be a real world Mario Kart to drive, because how can you open a Super Nintendo World in the world without one of them?

While we wait for more information, enjoy this incredible CGI trailer that has wanted to let us know more about Super Nintendo World in the last two and a half years.