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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is nailing the smallest Mario details

Nintendo and Illumination have released the final trailer for it The Super Mario Bros. movie on Thursday, revealing a little more about Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad’s adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom. The most recent trailer for the animated Mario movie didn’t reveal too much about the story, but it did give us a lot Mad Max: Fury Roadinspired action on Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road and offered a look at some new locations outside of the Mushroom Kingdom.

It also featured some fun references, deep cuts, and a few things we’ve never seen in a Super Mario game before, like Fire Flower Donkey Kong. Here’s what we (and other people) saw.

Luma’s sweet deliverance from death

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

The, ahem, star of the latest Super Mario Bros. movie trailer is this little Luma, plucked from the world of Super Mario Galaxy. Luma’s reference to “the sweet relief” of death is more than just comic relief, it’s accurate for the Luma species. At the end of Super Mario Galaxy, a cluster of Luma enthusiastically sacrifices itself to save the galaxy by being sucked into a black hole created by Bowser. These guys absolutely Love dying!

Donkey Kong on fire

Donkey Kong watches his fist as he is consumed by the flame powers of a Fire Flower in The Super Mario Bros.  Movie.

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

Anyone who has played a Super Mario game knows that consuming a Fire Flower power-up not only gives you the ability to throw fireballs, but also gives you a pleasant color change. We’ve already seen Princess Peach in Fire Flower mode in a previous trailer of The Super Mario Bros. moviebut seeing DK in a red and white palette isn’t something we’ve seen in the Mario games outside of the toy-inspired Mario vs. Donkey Kong series – and that example isn’t even the Real Donkey Kong, it’s just one of his exciting accomplices.

Mario Kart on the menu

Peach, Mario and Toad approach a garage box in The Super Mario Bros Movie where they are about to pick out their karts for a race

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

This is just a nice little game reference, but it seems to go into the kart selection process The Super Mario Bros. movie is identical to the games: Peach, Mario, and Toad will apparently use the slots-style menu device to choose their kart, wheels, and glider in the movie, just as players do in mario kart 8.

Super Mario’s Odyssey

A landscape shot of the Sand Kingdom from The Super Mario Bros.  Movie.  Mario, Peach and Toad cross a sand dune in the distance.

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

While we have already seen a lot of the Mushroom Kingdom The Super Mario Bros. moviethe latest trailer gives us a glimpse of the Sand Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey. And hey, that sure looks like a very detailed take on Bob-omb Battlefield.

A landscape shot of the version of Bob-omb Battlefield from The Super Mario Bros.  Movie, with a cannon in the foreground and Mario, Peach and Toad in the distance in the background

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

Rainbow Road’s Leap of Faith (and Double Dash!)

An animated GIF of Mario racing on Rainbow Road, gets hit by a Bullet Bill and falls to a lower part of the track, where he clings to a Koopa's hoverbike

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road will seemingly get a lot of screen time The Super Mario Bros. movie, while King Koopa’s troopers will chase down Mario, Peach, Toad, and several Kongs. But footage of Mario getting double Bullet Billed certainly looks like a reference to the Mario Kart 64 “leap of faith” shortcut that can be used to exploit your way to victory. And one could interpret the skitching/hijacking of a Koopa Troopa’s hoverbike as an oblique reference to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario’s mushroom head

Mario transforms into his larger form after eating a Super Mushroom in a still from The Super Mario Bros.  Movie

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

Mario is going to put mushrooms in it The Super Mario Bros. movie, and they will be 100% game-accurate. A still image – spotted by Lisnovsky on Twitter – from Mario’s boot time shows that, just like the original NES Super Mario Bros.the growth powers of a Super Mushroom Mario go to the head first.

Only for Bowser

Two smiling Spinys stare up at Bowser in a still from The Super Mario Bros.  Movie.

Image: Lighting/Nintendo

Out of respect for our troops, I feel obligated to point out to Mr. Bowser that “those things” in your army are called Spinys. Please show some love to our boys in red.