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The Struggling A’s Stadium is Under Siege by a Possum, Disrupting Broadcast Teams Unable to Use Booth.


Oakland stinks! A huge possum is “wreaking havoc on a struggling A’s pitch this season…with broadcast teams unable to use booths because the animal stench is unbearable”

  • The Athletics didn’t fare much better on the hill and sitting at 3-11
  • The New York Mets’ SNY team had to operate from a different location
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Oakland has a problem. Well, one might not quite cut it, but aside from his on-field struggles, he has some issues inside the often-empty Oakland Coliseum.

One place you don’t have to worry about occupying is the visitors’ broadcast booth – which has been inhabited by opossums for some time.

On SNY’s Saturday coverage of the Mets vs. A’s, the opposing teams’ commentators couldn’t use their usual broadcast booth due to their ongoing possum issue.

Exterminators have been called previously and they couldn’t flush out the furry critter who’s obviously inclined to baseball A.I.

It was first seen by shaky writers in a press box inside the Colosseum last May and to this day is causing problems.

An opossum has made a home within the walls of Oakland Coliseum and has not been removed

The SNY Mets broadcast team had to comment in a different section of the ballpark, albeit with a pole in their view, due to the less-than-sweet presence and smell of opossum “offal”.

The “apparition” featured the inside of the TV booth from which the Angels were working on opening day, “walking around” and “walking across the table”.

The traps set for the amosus had so far not worked, and with the heroes spending a good portion of the current time on the road, the creature had the runway all to itself.

“It seemed like the booth smelled so bad of opossum leave, that an executive decision was made to move us,” Mets announcer Gary Cohen told excited viewers.

The last-minute move didn’t seem to faze Cohen nor did expert analyst Ron Darling, who seemed elated to revive the story for the Mets crowd.

The Athletics' home stadium has come under fire in recent years for its lack of modernity

The Athletics’ home stadium has come under fire in recent years for its lack of modernity

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