Campaigner Mario Ferri stormed onto the pitch in the second half of the match waving the Pride flag

REVEALED: Spectator who stormed the World Cup match waving an LGBT flag and wearing a Superman T-shirt demanding ‘Respect for Iranian women’ is an Italian soccer player turned globe and substitute dubbed ‘The Falcon ‘, who helped Ukrainian refugees

The protester who ran onto the pitch during the World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay in Qatar is a footballer turned world traveler, it has been revealed.

Mario Ferri wore a blue superman T-shirt with the words ‘Save Ukraine’ on the front as he stormed onto the pitch in the second half of the group stage match on Monday night.

The t-shirt also had ‘respect for the Iranian woman’ [sic]’ written on the back in reference to the anti-regime protests in Iran in recent months.

Ferri, known as ‘The Falcon’, is an Italian footballer for United Sports Club, a second division club from India, who has worked in Ukraine to bring refugees to safety in Poland.

He’s invaded fields several times before wearing his signature superman shirt in Italy and South America to bring people to attention for “rescuing favela kids” among other things.

Campaigner Mario Ferri stormed onto the pitch in the second half of the match waving the Pride flag

Mario Ferri, Known As 'The Falcon', Is An Italian Footballer And Humanitarian Worker In Ukraine

Mario Ferri, known as ‘The Falcon’, is an Italian footballer and humanitarian worker in Ukraine

Ferri Was Knocked To The Ground By Security During The Pro-Lgbt Rights Protest In Qatar

Ferri was knocked to the ground by security during the pro-LGBT rights protest in Qatar

Soccer Player And Activist Ferri Had 'Respect Iranian Woman' Written On The Back Of His Superman T-Shirt

Soccer player and activist Ferri had ‘respect Iranian woman’ written on the back of his superman t-shirt

Ferri Has Posted On His Social Media Showing His Work In Ukraine Bringing Refugees To Poland

Ferri has posted on his social media showing his work in Ukraine bringing refugees to Poland

The campaigner was even put under house arrest in Italy for a string of pitch invasions and has shown form in World Cup pitch invasions, storming onto the pitch at Brazil’s 2014 tournament wearing his ‘favelas’ t-shirt.

Ferri said earlier this year he felt the need to act when Putin invaded Ukraine and drove dozens of refugees across the border into Poland on his own back.

He told CBS Sport, “I’m going it alone. I pay for everything and want nothing in return. I almost got into a fight the other day because I saw a man asking for money for what I do. It is unacceptable, the people here are desperate and few want to make a business out of it.

‘I go to Lviv, find people who need help and I drive five, ten, fifteen hours. Lviv is like a port for Ukrainians who want to leave the country.

‘Abroad [in Poland especially] is full of people who help, but in Ukraine many are afraid that something could happen to them.’

The influencer has shared his work in Ukraine on his social media, alongside photos from his football career and a video of him handing out money at a nightclub.

After Running Across The Field For A Few Minutes, The Protester Was Led Away By Security

After running across the field for a few minutes, the protester was led away by security

He Was Wrapped Up By Security After Storming Onto The Pitch During The Match Between Portugal And Uruguay

He was wrapped up by security after storming onto the pitch during the match between Portugal and Uruguay

'The Falcon' Has A History Of Field Invasions To Campaign For His Chosen Targets.  Pictured: Ferri On The Pitch During A Match Between Belgium And The Usa In Brazil In 2014

‘The Falcon’ has a history of field invasions to campaign for his chosen targets. Pictured: Ferri on the pitch during a match between Belgium and the USA in Brazil in 2014

Ferri Also Invaded A Game Between Juventus And Napoli In 2017, Where He Threw A Scarf At Striker Gonzalo Higuaín (Left)

Ferri also invaded a game between Juventus and Napoli in 2017, where he threw a scarf at striker Gonzalo Higuaín (left)

Ferri was chased by security across the pitch as he held the Pride flag above his head during the match between Portugal and Uruguay in Lusail, Qatar, before he was eventually grabbed and taken away.

The game umpire picked up the Pride flag after it had fallen to the turf as the man was bundled away to allow play to continue after a few minutes of interruption.

Some fans cheered the protester as he ran across the field before being dragged away.

Being gay is illegal in Qatar and carries a prison sentence of up to seven years, sparking huge controversy surrounding the tournament.

Many players and pundits, including the teams from Wales and Germany, have been embroiled in a dispute with FIFA over their right to wear One Love armbands during their matches.

FIFA bosses threatened “unlimited” disciplinary action and yellow cards if players wore the armband in support of highly controversial host nation Qatar.

Fans have also been restrained from wearing rainbow hats and carrying rainbow flags in stadiums.

Ferri Dropped The Pride Flag In The Middle Of The Field While Being Chased By Security, Forcing The Game To Stop

Ferri dropped the Pride flag in the middle of the field while being chased by security, forcing the game to stop

Match Referee Alireza Faghani, An Iranian, Picks Up The Rainbow Flag As The Man Is Led Away.  Play Resumed Shortly Afterwards

Match referee Alireza Faghani, an Iranian, picks up the rainbow flag as the man is led away. Play resumed shortly afterwards