The smart glasses from North Focals now support Android notification campaigns

North has added native support for Android notification campaigns to the smart glasses of Focals. With the help of the new functionality you now have access to all shortcuts that app developers include in their app's notifications. 9to5Google, who saw the update for the first time, notes that these actions may include deleting or archiving emails in the Gmail app or retweeting tweets on Twitter.


The feature should make it easier to trust your smart glasses more without having to take your phone out of your pocket, similar to the functionality previously available with Google Glass. Unfortunately, the new feature is currently only available for Android users, so it can't help with one of our biggest problems with the Focals, the poor app support on iOS.

If you want to enable the new function, you can do this by going to the & # 39; Experiments & # 39; from the Focals app. Once enabled, you can then click once on a notification to expand it and then reselect it for access to available actions.

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