The Smart Clock from Lenovo can now present your Google Photos & # 39; s collection

One of the disappointments my colleague Dan Seifert had with the Smart Clock from Lenovo was that the small screen of the device did not do as much as it could (or should) in comparison with comparable products. At launch, it didn't even offer the basic function of acting as a digital photo frame for your photo library. That is something the smart display of the Google Nest Hub can do, just like the various Echo devices in bed with screens from Amazon. Lenovo and Google correct that today with an update that allows the Smart Clock to present your Google Photos collection.


If you have one, it must be automatically updated at some point this week. Once that happens, you can set the Smart Clock to display your Google Photos & # 39; s images when they are not being used. If you are not using Google Photos, you can choose to view "featured" photos directly from Google.

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

In a blog post, Google also notes that Smart Clock owners can now turn on continuous conversation mode, allowing them to talk back and forth in a more natural way with Google Assistant without constantly having to repeat "Hey Google".

When it comes to the width of functions, I still think it's best to see the Smart Clock as a sport under the Nest Hub (not to mention the upcoming Hub Max) and other smart screens. It is very smart alarm clock with Google Assistant who can play music, display photo reminders, control your smart home devices and call up a Nest camera feed if you want to check what is happening somewhere at home or outside.