The smart button from Ikea is leaking with a number of pests that are still to come

Ikea is working on a new hot key that can activate a "scene" in homes equipped with the company's smart products, according to a new Federal Communications Commission submission. A scene is usually defined as a series of event-driven commands (leaving the house, eating, etc.) that are delivered simultaneously to multiple smart home devices. The Tradfri shortcut was first noticed by Dave Zatz, with Swedish site Teknikveckan speculate that it is possible to add different icons behind the plastic door of the button to better identify its function.


A single press of the discreet button activates a scene associated with it via the Ikea Home smart app, as described in an accompanying user manual. The Ikea button will last an estimated two years if it is powered by a coin-cell battery and it needs a $ 35 Ikea Tradfri gateway to work.

Strangely enough, the current version of the Ikea Home smart app does not support scenes; it only works with timers to operate Ikea's current range of smart devices. Timers are useful for performing tasks at a specific time, while a scene can be activated whenever you want. A scene named & # 39; TV time & # 39; can, for example, lower the Fyrtur blinds, open the Symfonisk loudspeaker, switch an AC unit, and dim the living room lights. The scene can be activated by Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant (all of which are supported by Ikea) via the Ikea Home smart app or, in the future, via a quick press on the special shortcut next to the bank. Another button that turns off the light and locks the doors can be next to the bed where you might not want to place a always-listening smart speaker.

No price is mentioned, but the Tradfri hot key is likely to undercut competing products Tint, Amazon and SmartThings because Ikea's cheap Zigbee-based smart ecosystem continues to grow.