The small, shippable Ivy Rec camera from Canon is available from October 16

Canon's portable Ivy Rec camera comes in the US from October 16 for $ 129.99. You may remember this small camera from our post in July when Canon launched its Indiegogo campaign for the device. The main attraction here is that it is a cutable, shockproof and waterproof camera that sounds like a good alternative to pulling your expensive phone for every occasion to take a photo. Canon says that an empty square space on the clip acts as a sort of viewfinder.


Whether the Ivy Rec can take pictures that are similar to the cameras on the latest phones, such as the iPhone 11 Pro or the upcoming Pixel 4, we'll have to test it to find out. It has a 13-megapixel 1/3 inch CMOS sensor in a fixed-focus lens and takes pictures in an aspect ratio of 4: 3 or 1: 1. For video, 1080p / 60 fps video can be recorded in a 16: 9 aspect ratio with a recording limit of 10 minutes per video file. The Ivy Rec offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility to send photos and videos to your phone via Canon's Mini Cam app.

On the other side of the lens, Canon has implemented a dial that allows you to switch between photo and video mode and enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings to connect to your phone. The Ivy Rec saves your photos on microSD cards, which shouldn't be a problem – you can get this right now a 64 GB microSD card on Amazon for $ 11. The camera's 660 mAh battery can be charged via the Micro USB port on the bottom, which is located next to the microSD port.

Best Buy says that the Ivy Rec will be shipped from October 16 B&H photo says it is starting to ship its orders on the 20th.

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