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The Sims 4 on course for success thanks to Free2Play: EA announces a new player record – WhatsNew2Day


The Sims 4 is played even more thanks to Free2Play and that also affects the DLCs.

The Sims has been a breakthrough success for EA since the very first installment, and Sims 4 raises the bar even higher. The life simulation has increased significantly in the past few months and is now reporting a new player record: A total of 70 million players have dared to try their digital life at least once in their lives.

Especially since October 2022, the number of players has increased again by a huge amount. A proud 16 million new players have been recorded since then, and Sims 4 is currently being thrown 54 percent more often per week than before. According to EA, 75 percent of new players who live outside of North America come from so-called growth areaswhich probably also includes Germany.

Big growth through Free2Play

Of course, these numbers don’t just fall out of the sky. In October 2022, EA significantly changed the paid model of The Sims 4 and switched to a Free2Play model. According to this, everyone can download the main game for free, but the more than 60 DLCs still cost a lot of money. With our help you will find out which additional content is most worthwhile.

Apparently, this model not only helps to increase the pure number of players. It has also had a positive effect on the sales of the DLCs. The brand new DLC grow together sold better in its first week than any expansion pack before it. But what can also be due to the fact that the DLC brings some long-awaited innovations with it. Our Sims expert Natalie was also delighted with the expansion.

Sims 4: The highly anticipated

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Sims 4: The highly anticipated “Growing Together” expansion in the first trailer

What’s next for The Sims?

For now, The Sims 4 will probably be accompanied for a while and should probably also get one or the other DLC. After all, the Free2Play conversion is not long ago. But the next part is already on the horizon.

The Sims 5 was only recently unveiled, which is currently still under the name Project René is known. A release is not yet foreseeable for the successor. In the podcast, our experts exchanged ideas about what they hope to gain from it.

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How do you currently see Sims 4? The latest part wasn’t received very positively when it was released, but it has continued to develop steadily in the almost ten years since then. Are you happy with the current state, or are you still not warming to it? Do you think the Free2Play strategy is the better way in the long term? Write us your opinions in the comments!

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