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The shooter is already too real for many, now someone is making Unrecord even more immersive – WhatsNew2Day


The derelict building in Unrecord certainly looks even more impressive in VR.

Hardly any game is currently being discussed more hotly than the shooter surprise Unrecord. The frighteningly real title is made even more lifelike by a modder: A VR version can be found on the web – and it is freely playable.

What’s in the playable Unrecord version?

Hardly anything is included in the demo yet. So far, you can only walk in an inner building, nothing more.

No shooting, no interaction with the environment, no NPCs, not even sound is offered by this very early VR version. But you can take a closer look at the elaborately designed environment. In the following tweet you can see what the demo has to offer:

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Who is the demo from?

The small game version is not from the development studio Drama, but was cobbled together using Praydog’s Universal VR mod and the first Unrecorded video from October.

You can already try the Bluedrake42 demo yourself download and exploreif your PC is strong enough: According to the modder, you need a system that can handle the Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing activated.

Unrecord causes discussions

With the last gameplay trailer, the shooter caused an enormous stir: the game looked so real that some simply did not believe in the authenticity of the game. The studio has now responded to the fake allegations. The moral debate of such a realistic shooter remains, however.

Would you like to play Unrecord with VR glasses or is the already frighteningly real shooter too immersive for you? And what do you think of the demo? Will you take a look or don’t even care about the best graphics if the gameplay isn’t included? Write it to us in the comments!

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