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Online casinos will do a lot to give players the best user experience. One of the incentives they use is giving players a wide range of bonuses such as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, VIP rewards, etc. You will encounter these bonuses regardless of the online casino you pick.

The best thing about using the Ripper Casino bonuses is that they give you a chance to win some bucks without wagering your real money as long as you utilize them in the right way. They also help you familiarize yourself with the game before playing with real money. But casino bonuses can also be confusing. Here is everything to know to help you keep track of online casino bonuses.

Pick your bonus

Online casino bonuses come in many forms. First of all, when you register in an online casino, you are offered a welcome bonus. Other bonuses you will encounter in an online casino include free spins in slot games, free rounds at table games, free cash to bet on any game you choose, no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, VIP rewards, tournaments, etc. Depending on the requirements, some online casino bonuses are better than others, so you should be wise when picking.

Establish a strategy

Many players think of bonuses as free cash and are quick to use them without giving them a second thought. Do not be one of the players who waste their casino bonuses instead of using them to your advantage. Approach your bonuses with a clear strategy.

It is best to think of the bonus as your own real money and not a freebie to make a better choice. The best approach is to combine the bonus with your real cash bet and proceed from there. That is a golden chance to improve your odds and even make some money.

Understand the bonus requirements

Many players have ended up being frustrated after using casino bonuses. The reason is, they don’t take the time to understand the requirements of those bonuses. Remember that online casinos also need to make their profits, and they would lose a decent amount of their earnings by dishing out bonuses anyhow. So, that is where wagering requirements or bonus terms and conditions come in.

A wagering or bonus requirement is the amount of money you have to bet to receive or withdraw the winnings from your bonus. Tied to the wagering requirement also comes the time limit. That means you have to meet the wagering requirement within a specific period to receive your bonus winnings, or else you will lose them. It is wise to pick a bonus with a small wagering requirement and a longer time limit. Note that some online casinos are fairer in the wagering requirements, so it is good to compare and look for favorable terms before making your choice.

Understand the playthroughs

Playthroughs also go hand in hand with the wagering requirements. It is the number of times you should wager the balance of the bonus. For instance, suppose you get a $20 bonus, and the wagering requirement is you play through 20times that amount. In that case, you would have to bet $20 20times. That equals a total of $400 that you must play through to receive your bonus winnings.

In another instance, suppose you are given 30free spins or rounds as a bonus, and the wagering requirement requires you to play through 10times. That means you need to spin 300times with your money to get your bonus winnings.

Get on the email list

When a casino asks if it is okay to put you on the email list with promotions, many players are naturally compelled to reject the offer. However, getting on the email list of an online casino is a good offer because you benefit from special offers and rewards. Most online casinos provide weekly and monthly special offers and even on your special days. That means you can still benefit from bonuses as a veteran or loyal player.

Analyze the house edge

Check and analyze the house edge for every game before you use your bonus.  For instance, in many online casinos, you find that free spins provide access to a wide variety of games, but they may not be all equal. Therefore it is best to go for games with a lower house edge to maximize your free spins or bonuses. In contrast, if you want to go for a large jackpot, you have to choose a game where you can probably walk away with nothing or win big. Please do not choose a game because it looks pretty. Check the house edge before making a choice.

Have fun with bonuses

Last but not least, have fun with bonuses whether you win or lose. Even with the best strategy, bonuses do not necessarily guarantee a win. Remember that casino games are simply games of chances, and winning largely depends on luck. That is why you should always have fun when using casino bonuses because you are not putting your real money on the line. Also, do not abuse the bonuses.

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