The secret beaches of Liguria

We want to take you on a journey among the best Ligurian beaches, but above all, we want to introduce you to the secret coves that this region preserves for travelers looking for exclusive experiences. Follow us!


Set back from the most crowded beaches of Finale Ligure, the small beach of Punta Crena has always been one of the most sought-after destinations for those who decide to enjoy a day at sea lulled by the waves of a crystalline water sea. A popular destination, but only reachable by the sea in a mat, canoe, and pedalo or for the most able to swim.


Guvano has been frequented by naturists since the late seventies. The flooding in the area in 2011 made this beach reachable through a difficult path or by sea. If you don’t own a boat you can rely on boat charter companies of the area. From the path that runs between Corniglia and Vernazza, you can see the Guvano beach, a beautiful unspoiled beach surrounded by typical Mediterranean plants and bordered by the breathtaking blue sea.


The name makes you dreaming, and reality is no less. Turquoise sea and very fine dark sand; a few square meters of paradise surrounded by the Mediterranean flora of the high cliffs. The nearby island of Bergeggi and its Marine Protected Area is a sought-after destination not only for lovers of tranquility but also for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Like any hidden beach, it is not easy to reach it on foot.  You will need a long trek along with the sloping steps or by boat.


A small beach nestled between Portofino and Camogli, reachable by boat. You can contact a company of boat charter in Portofino to reach San Fruttuoso. It is a characteristic foreshortening with a medieval Abbey. You can also enjoy the view of the waterfront restaurant. Not too far, offshore, divers can see the Christ of the Abyss, the submerged statue.


A favorite of the locals, the Canneto is located between Punta del Cavo and Punta Castagna, near Riomaggiore. This particular beach is almost impossible to reach on foot, but imagine the satisfaction when you jump off the charter boat into the crystal clear waters of this pristine beach. This beach is also special because of the small natural waterfall that brings fresh water to the sea.

If you do not have your own vehicle, to reach these magnificent beache you can contact the boat rental companies, which will allow you to visit these coves in peace.