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The screen of a Motorola Razr is said to peel exactly on the fold

The new Motorola Razr is not a good phone – it is expensive, has a mediocre camera, the hinge is creaky and a display has strange dips and bumps under the screen. But now there is at least one reported copy of the new foldable screen that actually separates from the plastic laminate above the screen, and it apparently does this exactly on that bad hinge.

InputIt’s Raymong Wong has published an article yesterday about the problems he sees with his new Razr. After less than a day in possession, Wong noted that the screen had started to peel off the laminate top layer directly at the hinge, creating a bubble between the screen and the laminate.

This is what the bubble looks like:

Image: Input

That bubble not only distracts, but apparently also influences the functionality of the touchscreen. Wong reports that the parts of the display above the bell still respond to touches, but the center of the display “is not the most responsive.”

It is unclear what the bell looked like. Wong said he didn’t drop it and that the phone “has never been wet or damp, or even near liquid.” He speculated that it was possible due to temperature changes by using the phone in the cold and then back in his warm apartment, but it is hard to know if that is the cause of the bubble.

Wong said that Motorola did not respond to comments about the problem and at the time of the press, the company had not responded to The edge, one of both.

We have not reported this problem to others, but if you see it, or another issue with your Razr, you can tip us and let us know what’s going on.