The scary little baby of Death Stranding is also a little cute

It's impossible to miss when BB cries. The disturbing baby is one of the constants of Death Stranding, the newest game from Metal Gear maker Hideo Kojima. BB is partly equipment, partly character; it remains helplessly imprisoned in a science fiction jar, where it both goes together Death Stranding& # 39; s main character Sam, and also serves as a tool that warns him of deadly, ghostly appearances that are largely invisible to people. When BB gets scared, it starts to cry. And at the default setting of the game, that harassed sound comes through the speaker that is built into the PS4 controller. It's like holding a small, crying baby in your hands. It's incredibly disturbing in the beginning – but when you hear the creepy thing laughing, it almost makes it worthwhile.


It's hard to say what BB really is without spoiling things; and frankly, even if I fully explained it now, it wouldn't make much sense to you. But that mystery is also part of what makes it so interesting. A big piece Death StrandingThe close knowledge is dedicated to BB & # 39; s – there is more than one because they are a fairly standard tool for travelers – and where they come from. Death StrandingThe post-apocalyptic future is almost without history. Most records have been lost or destroyed, but as you slowly rebuild a network connecting America, more details come to light. During the game, Deadman, a scientist with the exact likeness of Guillermo del Toro, regularly shares newly discovered details about the origins of this weird little baby & # 39; s.

But those details are not incredibly important in the beginning. The most striking thing is the alienness of it all: here you have a small child who lives his entire life in a liquid-filled pot tied to the chest of a man. BB does not talk and does not seem to eat or drink. But it makes noises. The cries are haunting. When things get really bad – usually when one of the ghost creatures has seen you, or when you go down a particularly treacherous hill – it may sound like multiple babies are crying at the same time. These moments are already stressful, while the monsters are going to chase you. The cries only reinforce this; sometimes I wanted to get away not to save Sam & # 39; s life, but so that I could calm BB.

BB is perhaps the only warning system in history that needs comfort. Imagine that after a break-in you had to talk about your car alarm. In the case of BB, you can disconnect the pot at any time in the game, place it in your arms and rock the child, which helps to calm it down. You do this by literally moving the PS4 controller back and forth, as if you were rocking a real baby, and it starts to coo and smile like you. As you do this, a robot arm on Sam's shoulder turns into a mobile to keep BB amused. There are also many times when Sam goes to sleep for one night in one of the different cities that still exist, and BB gets its own place to hang on the wall and rest.

It is undeniable that all the conceit of BB – a ghost detection baby living in a pot – is strange. But these interactions with it make it more human and related in one way or another. You know it's scared because you can hear it. There is no way to avoid the unpleasant noise. (I would not recommend playing Death Stranding with a newborn in the house.) But the opposite is also true; when BB is happy, his excited beeps and laughter are led through the controller in your hands. This happens during those sequences when you play with BB and calm down, but also on certain unexpected points. My favorite is that when you drive very fast, BB gets excited and laughs. It is a surprising, wonderful moment, especially in the midst of the gloomy and depressing world of Death Stranding.

As I said in my review of the game, BB is representative of it in some respects Death Stranding As a whole. It is strange and incomprehensible in the beginning, a black box that defies explanation. But as you spend more time with both the game and the scary baby, their human elements slowly emerge. After a while they are not only logical, you could even grow to take care of them. The obvious reason to continue Death StrandingThe post-apocalyptic landscape is to prevent a fight with a nightmare-like spirit – but for me I threw gas to make my little baby pot laugh.