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The Ruthless Communication from Jacqui Lambie to Lidia Thorpe


Read Jacqui Lambie’s sassy message to Lidia Thorpe after ‘small penis’ strip club rant: ‘Go get some counseling – you’re part of the problem’

  • Lidia Thorpe is told to get counseling
  • Rogue senator mocked man outside strip club
  • Accused him of having a ‘small penis’

Lidia Thorpe’s colleagues have warned the rogue senator to “take responsibility for her actions” after she mocked a man outside a strip club for having a “small penis.”

The independent senator, who recently defected from the Greens, was caught on video at about 3am Sunday morning outside a Melbourne nightclub arguing with a group of men.

The footage shows Senator Thorpe taunting one man about the size of his genitals and telling another in a threatening tone, “You’re marked.”

Speaking on Monday’s Sky News, Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie said there was ‘no way out of here’ and even suggested that Ms Thorpe go and get help.

Lidia Thorpe’s colleagues in parliament call on her to ‘take responsibility’

“I think when you’re out so late and you put yourself in a situation like that, you better take responsibility for your actions,” Ms Lambie said.

‘You are a politician, and sometimes we make a mess, but not taking responsibility for it yourself is not very convenient.

“If you don’t think you’re doing it right, go do what the rest of us are doing — go get some counseling or psychology, because honestly, something needs to be done.”

“But to Lidia I would say, you just can’t keep doing this.

“A good start would be to admit that you are part of the problem and that you need to take responsibility for your own actions.”

Ms Lambie admitted there was not much parliament could do to punish Ms Thorpe for her repeated involvement in incidents.

Not impressed: Jacqui Lambie had a real talk for her colleague Lidia Thorpe on Monday morning

Not impressed: Jacqui Lambie had a real talk for her colleague Lidia Thorpe on Monday morning

Meanwhile, Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce said he was beginning to feel “feeling sorry” for Senator Thorpe.

“I think she needs to have some serious conversations with a few people about how she’s behaving and if it’s appropriate and how she’s in that position to act like that,” he told Channel 7.

His panelist, Environment Secretary Tanya Plibserk, said Senator Thorpe’s behavior was “clearly unacceptable.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of parliament or an average person, I just don’t find that kind of behavior in public acceptable.

“As for whether Parliament should be able to intervene, I think we need to think about that very carefully.”

Mr Joyce said he did not think Senator Thorpe should be kept out of parliament.

“I think once you’re chosen, you’re chosen. It may come with a whole host of other things you can do within parliament, but the Australian people will kick (you) out in the next election,” he said.

Senator Thorpe is not up for re-election until 2028.

In a statement, Senator Thorpe said she had not initiated the exchange, but had responded to taunts and harassment directed at her.

She said she had done nothing wrong.

“It’s sad that people use anything to bring me down when we try to discuss important issues in this country,” she said.

Senator Thorpe was contacted for comment.

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