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The Rotom Phone is finally getting a second camera

The Rotom Phone gets a major upgrade. After its introduction to the Galar region three years ago, the updated version of the smartphone-inhabited by-a-Pokémon finally makes the jump from one rear camera to two. The device will soon also be available in the new Paldea region.

It’s hard to say exactly what kind the second lens is for – all I can really see is that the main lens stays blue while the new second lens is black. I don’t think this is enough information to make an educated guess as to whether this new lens is a telephoto, an ultra-wide angle, or anything else, although I’m hoping I can use that second camera to take pictures of the new best boy Fidough .

Furthermore, it appears that this new Rotom Phone is a largely iterative upgrade from the previous one. A new feature is a mysterious glowing blue ring in the center of the device. Maybe that’s for wireless charging? The ring is placed almost exactly where you would expect a wireless charging coil. While I can’t recall ever having to charge the Rotom Phone in Galar, I like that wireless charging can be an option while I’m at one of Paldea’s trainer schools.

Disappointingly, the big dots on the top and bottom of the Rotom Phone have stuck for this next generation. That means it probably still isn’t comfortable to slip into your pocket, but in Paldea, backpacks seem to be all the rage – I think I should look for one as a place to store my phone. (Maybe we’ll get a Rotom Phone Mini someday.)

Pokemon SV Screenshot 4

Who needs a selfie stick when your Rotom Phone can float?
Image: The Pokémon Company

No word on 5G support, which could make it easier to keep in touch with your friends while you are traveling right through Paldea. But I really hope that the race to 5G in Paldea doesn’t become something like in other regions.

The company that makes the Rotom Phone confirmed in a press release that the Pokédex and a card are reloaded on the device. But we’ll have to wait and see what other new functionality is available until we get to try out the new Rotom Phone for ourselves on November 18.

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