The roadside guide for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become the standard by which all other smart watches are measured. It gives you information about your condition, heart rate and general health; let you listen to your favorite music and other audio streams; warns your friends or family in an emergency; gives you access to texts and e-mail; and even (if you have a version equipped with LTE) you can make and receive calls.


It also has style. You can choose from a wide range of watch cases, bands and faces. Some of those faces give you immediate feedback about your steps, the weather, or the position of the moon. Others just tell you what time it is – but with flair and imaginative designs. You can even have your watch show off your favorite GIF & # 39; s.

In the Verge Guide to the Apple Watch we help you get the most out of your watch. We give you step-by-step instructions for using the many functions, provide reviews of the latest models and see how you can operate some useful apps.

So put on your watch, select your favorite face, and get ready to get the most out of this exciting and useful portable technology.