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The rise and changing role of Chief Product Officers


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Money is in my head – as well as in the heads of chief product officers, who are increasingly responsible for company results, even proposing mergers and acquisitions. Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, has been thinking about how generative AI could translate into revenue. Meanwhile, Arm tracks the money by listing in New York and not London. — Anna

A changing C-suite

When longtime YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepped down in March, it was chief product officer Neal Mohan who was promoted to her former role. Was that a signal for the rise of CPOs?

Perhaps because Mohan isn’t the only CPO to step into the CEO role. This is one of the findings of the CPO Insights Report 2023written by Capgemini and Products That Count.

As the name suggests, Products That Count has a horse in the race: it’s a community for product managers to accelerate their careers. As such, it has an understanding of how the role and importance of CPOs has changed in recent years.

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