The Rings of Power Finally Addresses a Big Season 2 Question About Sauron and Galadriel

And even if she has feelings for who she thought Halbrand was, things between Galadriel and the Dark Lord are far more complicated than a “will they/won’t they” relationship, according to Clark.

“I think romance just isn’t for them. It’s cosmic and it would be a crushing Middle-earth relationship if they entered into it,” Clark explains.

If we ask Charlie Vickers, who plays Sauron, the same question, he gives us some insight into what the Dark Lord is thinking at the moment. Sorry to disappoint the Galadriel x Sauron shippers in Lord of the Rings

fandom, but according to the actor, the villain is actually not that interested.

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“I like the idea that people think it’s romantic, and it’s really cool and interesting if someone would think that, but personally I don’t think it is,” Vickers says.

Sauron wants Galadriel to be his queen because she is useful, Vickers says. As he’s already shown, if he has a highly regarded Elven Warrior to get him to places like Numenor and Eregion (where Celebrimbor lives), Sauron can accomplish his goals much faster.

“He feels a connection with her. Since the First Era, he has not met many people operating at his level. But he’s on the raft, making this tone to her, and saying ‘you could be my queen’ [because] she binds him to the light and the good,” explains Vickers. “He thinks along with her, he can influence his designs more quickly. With her by his side he has the ear of the Elves, he has a way in. It comes from a place of selfishness.’


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