The right electric razor is the key to unlocking your status as a grooming god

We’ll be blunt: you need to do something about your face. In particular the bramble bush, wiry chin bush that grows out of your jaw. It may have been okay during lockdowns, when you could forget things like hygiene and wearing hard pants for a while, but the world is opening up again and you have to look like you belong in it. For the record, we’re not against beards. In fact we are very pro beard but with a great beard comes a big responsibility (maintenance, shaping, cleaning) and if you are not ready to bear the weight of beard life it is time to shave it off.

But let’s face it: shaving sucks. It takes time, equipment and the risk of blood. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, but you’re itching to get rid of your beard (please), let us introduce you to the world of electric razors. Electric razors get the job done without the need for stuff like shaving cream and patches. Most electric razors can be used on dry skin and get a close shave in a fraction of the time (perfect for even the laziest of us). And an electric razor is a godsend if you’re struggling with ingrown hairs — they cut close, but not so close that hairs easily get stuck in the skin. Today, electric razors can even shave more than just your face — some can literally go anywhere you have hair. So what are you waiting for? Use one of these electric razors and tell the lockdown beard days are numbered.

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