The reviews are in and the new item from Chipotle has one big flaw

Chipotle’s New Smoked Brisket has been on the menu since last week. And based on the buzz the new entry has generated in a matter of days, it seems America just couldn’t wait to try it.

Think of our love for the tender beef or Chipotle’s rare menu updates, but the Smoked Brisket is the most talked-about fast food item in America right now. Many of those who have tried it in Chipotle’s burritos, bowls and tacos approve of the new protein.

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However, there are also people who criticize the efforts of the chain on several points. The most common chest doubt? It’s too dry.

Food writers and critics tended to agree. Our Paul, a Kansas City Barbecue Society judge, tried his own in a burrito, claiming that the texture of the meat was “not at all” and that it was missing one crucial element: “that rich, flavorful fat that makes every bite of butter.”

“Instead of the super-tender, teeth-sliding tenderness of competition BBQ brisket, Chipotle’s version tasted not harsh, just charred and a little too dry,” Kita wrote in a review for Men’s health.

A review in The takeaway agrees with Kita about the drought. “Unfortunately, the Chipotle brisket suffers from one major drawback: It’s tough and chewy, just as I feared,” writes Dennis Lee. (He notes, however, that he sees some fat on his breasts.)

If you still haven’t tried or made up your mind on your own final verdict on the fast-casual’s latest menu addition, here’s an idea: Try the chest in the newly launched Quesabrisket (breast quesadilla). It is on the menu until October.

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