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The release of Diablo 4 has a logical consequence for Diablo 3


Of course, the release of Diablo 4 will also affect its predecessor.

Don’t worry, Diablo 3 won’t shut down – we want to take away your biggest fear right away. But of course the question arises for Blizzard and the fans alike: If Diablo 4 takes over the season of its predecessor after more than ten years, what will happen to Diablo 3? Are the servers staying online, but is the shift down? Or can you hope for more seasons full of new content after the current Season 28 closes its doors?

As part of a Diablo event in Berlin, where also GamePro colleague Linda was able to gain very exciting informationsaid the colleagues from wow head an interview with Diablo’s General Manager Rod Fergusson, which also talked about the future of Diablo 3:

Season 29 gets a completely new season theme, but it won’t be as rich as Season 28. Starting with Season 30, we’ll start repeating previous Seasons. (…) A mix of previous cosmetic items and features.

Rod Fergusson, Interview with Wowhead

The fact that fewer resources flow into the predecessor after the launch of Diablo 4 should seem like a logical step to most fans, now we know the more concrete framework: Yes, Diablo 3 continues, but in a slimmed-down framework. Diablo 3 looks back on years of seasons, the content of which Blizzard will recycle in the future to keep the lights of Diablo 3 burning.

Conversely, you should not expect any major innovations. The Diablo 4 live service will take over the torch from its predecessor in the long term – Blizzard does not allow any misunderstandings here. But hey, Season 30 hasn’t started yet, so you still have a few weeks to experience the great swan song of Diablo 3.

How do you feel about that? Are you shrugging because you’re going full-on Diablo 4 anyway? Or do you mourn Diablo 3 a bit behind?

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