The redesigned Steam library is now available to everyone

In September, Valve launched a beta for a redesigned Steam library, and today the company said that redesign is available to everyone. The new library has a new visual look, designed to make it easier to find your games, see what your friends are playing, and follow news and updates to the games in your library. (You may need to restart your Steam client once or twice to get the update.)


Here is an image of what it looks like in practice:

The new Steam library.
Image: The Verge / Sean Hollister

I think the & # 39; What's New & # 39; can be a particularly useful new feature – it seems like a handy way to quickly see updates on games I already have. Developers can post updates to this new section, as well as to the community hub and store page of a game, using a new tool that Valve calls & # 39;events. "

You can also see at a glance which friends are currently playing a game – view that little friend icon under Player Known Grounds in the image above.

With today's update, Valve is also expanding the Remote Play Together Beta, which was launched earlier this month to allow your local multiplayer games to play with your friends over the internet for all Steam users.