The red PS5 controller is a different red than the red Xbox Series X controller


While the PS5’s divisive two-tone design has led some to swap out large chunks of plastic for a more unified look, at least Sony released some official new color options for the excellent DualSense controller this month. There are now “cosmic red” and “night black” models that may appeal to you more than the black and white standard.

The black controller doesn’t seem that interesting, but as a lover of red objects I ordered the red one to see how it looks in real life. The color is actually quite unusual – Sony’s marketing info puts the controller in front of a bright red nebula, in keeping with the “cosmic red” name, and it’s a pretty good match.

Basically, it’s a bit pinker than you might expect, somewhere between crimson, ruby, and raspberry. I think it looks pretty good with the black border and it suits the PS5 aesthetic.

And yes, the micro-texture of the tiny PlayStation symbols is back, although it’s still pretty much impossible to see with the naked eye:

A close-up of the micro-texture of the new PS5 controller.

Sony has been quite slow to release the first color variations of the PS5 controller. Microsoft had black, white, and blue options available at the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S, and red, yellow, and camo options soon followed.

I also have the red Series X controller, and it’s a much simpler, primary color shade than the PS5. The difference is quite obvious when they are side by side.

The red PS5 controller next to its Xbox Series equivalent.

The red and black PS5 controllers will be available this week in Japan and should be available in North America next week, although like the PS5 itself, it will likely be hard to find stock. The black version costs $69.99 while the red version is $74.99 more expensive for some inexplicable reason.