The Razer Phone 2 arrives on 10 October

<pre><pre>The Razer Phone 2 arrives on 10 October

The official disclosure date for the Razer phone 2 is Wednesday 10 October according to invitations just published to the press. We expect the successor to the Razer phone from last year to bring several performance upgrades, although the design remains possible largely the same.

With Google launch new pixels on the Tuesday and Samsung the wrappers take off a new Galaxy handset of some description on Thursday, it will be a very busy week for fans of shiny new mobile devices – we take a lot of ourselves into that category, and will of course bring all the news as it is announced.

Let's analyze the invitation, shall we? It is green and black in the traditional Razer style and seems to show the silhouette of the new phone. The words & # 39; flagship & # 39; and & # 39; gaming & # 39; are called, so no surprises. In fact, the invitation does not offer too many additional clues.

The tricky second phone

We were impressed after testing the original Razer phone, which was launched in early November 2017. With innovations such as a variable refresh rate on the screen and 24-bit "audiophile quality" sound, it distinguished itself from the other flagships of last year.

Now Razer is ready for a sequel: suggest rumors the Razer Phone 2 packs in a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB RAM, and also brings a large set of stereo speakers to hear your gains and losses better when gaming. Undoubtedly, the extremely important display will also undergo some improvements and adjustments.

Expect more leaks and tips to get on the internet before 10 October rolls, and start saving now if you're thinking about buying one – the 2017 Razer debut phone went on sale for $ 699 / £ 699.99 / AU $ 1.099, and this is probably not much cheaper.