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The Powerpuff Girls is no longer on The CW


In March 2021, the CW network officially announced the return of “Power Girls” again to life, but to real life, through a reality series that was supposed to be available through the CW network at a later time, but it seems that the series will not see the light.

According to a report TVLineThe CW has implemented a new wave of cancellations, and a network spokesperson confirmed to IGN that The Powerpuff Girls is no longer in the works for the network.

CW Entertainment Chief Brad Schwartz said:

We’ve already returned canceled works to the studios, so they’re free to do or sell anywhere.

The Powerpuff Girls reality series appeared for the first time in August 2020, when it was reported at the time that the CW network was working on it, and that in February 2021 it requested a pilot episode of the series, until in April 2021 it was revealed that the series’ heroes are “Chloe Bennett”, the heroine of the series Agents of SHIELD as Blossom, Descendants star Dove Cameron as Bubbles and Yana Pirro as Buttercup.

The series takes place years after the events of the popular animated series, where the three Powerpuff Girls are now in their twenties, and they feel disillusioned and resentful of losing their childhood fighting the run, so they will have to learn to work together again in the face of a mysterious new threat.

However, the project suffered several hiccups throughout its production process. The CW network decided to reshoot the opening episode after the original opening episode was said to be missing. The series also ran into more trouble in August 2021 when Chloe Bennett decided to leave the project.

The Powerpuff Girls is one of several projects the CW has canceled. The network has reportedly also canceled the Arrow spin-off Justice U, the Jake Chang series, as well as the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-directed Zorro series.

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