The portable AC from Sony is coming too late to save you from the heat of this year

Sony has the announced Reon Pocket, a small cooling device that you can wear as a portable air conditioner. It is currently live The crowdfunding website from Sony, where prices start at ¥ 12,760 (around $ 117). SlashGear notes that not only do you cool during hot days, the device that fits in the back pocket of a specially designed T-shirt can also heat you up in the winter.


Unfortunately, the shipping date of March 2020 means that the Reon Pocket will arrive late for this year's heat wave. Here in the UK (where it's important to understand that we are not prepared for anything that looks like warm weather), it is 38.1 degrees Celsius (100.5 degrees Fahrenheit), the second hottest day ever recorded in the country according to BBC news. What I would not have given for a small air conditioner like this.

The Reon Pocket works with the & # 39;Peltier effect& # 39 ;, where a small electric current is used to be able to absorb or release heat. However, you control it via the corresponding app Gizmodo notes that there are plans to introduce an automatic mode in the future. Sony says that the device can cool you with 13 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), or you can heat with 8 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit), and that you need 24 hours of use from a single charge via USB Type C.

Sony is not the first company that has tried to make a portable personal thermostat. There was the Embr Wave, which we tried out at CES 2018 and we have also seen a number of heated clothing items that are intended for use during skiing or snowboarding. The advantage of the Reon Pocket, however, is the size, as the advertising video from Sony suggests that it secretly fits under a normal business shirt.

Of course, with an expected shipping date that is almost a year away, all the usual comments about crowdfunded projects apply. The Reon Pocket is currently only available in Japan. In the meantime, you can always have one cheap neckband fan. Of course, it's not that high tech and it looks a bit dweeby, but for $ 10 you can't really complain.

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